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    Hi Guys,

    I’m after some recommendations, I’ve got £2000 to spend, what pole and why?

    I’ll be going to have a waggle soon but just after some opinions at the moment.


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    There’s loads of options for two grand mate.Take your time and have a play about with a few,preferably on the bank.Personally i would look at the new Sensas poles,but that is only my personal point of view based on good experience of them.Like i say, youv’e got loads of options so take your time and get one that is right for YOU.cheers Andy.

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    If you can stretch another £250?.The Map 901 is now £2250 in some shops.

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    @slippery wrote:

    If you can stretch another £250?.The Map 901 is now £2250 in some shops.

    Have handled one of these on the bank and yes they feel awesome.Definitely one to consider for the extra £250. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Mate, save yourself some money.
    There’s a Sensas 884 in the buys and sells section for 1100 – lovely piece of kit.

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