Tuesday 31.01.17 Super Cost-Cutter
10 fished Silver
1st Tony Stead (WMP Maver) 56.06.00 Peg 06
2nd Richard Kings (Mosella) 43.07.00 Peg 38
3rd Pete Hodge (Moorlands) 24.01.00 Peg 27

Wednesday 01.02.17 Over 50’s
13 fished Meadow
1st Jeff Hodge (Moorlands) 45.10.00 Peg 24
2nd Dave Highfield (Moorlands) 27.15.00 Peg 40
3rd Paul Bailey (Moorlands) 26.04.00 Peg 59

Thurs 02.02.27 Cost – Cutter
8 fished rover all pools
1st John Watson (Old Ghost) 162.14.00 Peg 11 Moors
2nd Kevin Roderick (Moorlands) 58.14.00 Peg 02 Middle
3rd George Reynolds (CPA) 44.07.00 Peg 07 Middle

Sat 04.02.17 Round 5 of Winter Pairs Series
24 fished Meadow & Silver
1st Chris Cameron (Middy) 85.01.00 Peg 29 Silver
2nd Rob Brennan (Garbolino) 68.00.00 Peg 38 Silver
3rd Richard Kings (Mosella) 61.12.00 Peg 14 Silver

Pairs On Day
1st John Watson (Old Ghost)/Scott Poynton (Old Ghost) 3pts
2nd Jeff Hodge (Moorlands)/Alan Esprey (Moorlands) 4 pts
3rd Rob Brennan (Garbolino)/Kieron Rich (Middy) 6pts

Pairs Overall
1st John Watson (Old Ghost)/Scott Poynton (Old Ghost) 20 pts
2nd Rob Brennan (Garbolino)/Kieron Rich(Middy) 25pts
3rd Mal Watson (DGL)/Colin Pace (CPA) 29 pts

Sunday 05.02 17 Open
14 fished Island, Middle & Moors
1st Colin Pace (CPA) 63.13.00 Peg 05 Middle
2nd Syd Julian (Moorlands) 42.07.00 Peg 12 Moors
3rd Mark Rathbone (Moorlands) 39.07.00 Peg 02 Middle

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