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    Welcome to the Elinor Fishing Report

    May 13th – 19th

    242 anglers caught 1251 fish of which 888 were returned.

    Best Fish
    5lb 14oz John Oram, Desborough, candy fab, boat
    5lb 8oz Phil Musgrove, Sawtry, damsel
    5lb 6oz Fred Bezuidenhout, candy blob, boat
    5lb 3oz Derek Benamore, Finedon, black snake
    5lb 2oz Charles Clarke, Norwich, olive cdc, boat

    Best Areas
    Bank – gravel bar, shallow bay, lagoon, coarse bank, east arm
    Boat – fish coming from everywhere

    Best Patterns
    Yellow owl, olive or black cdc, daddies, olive buzzer, red diawl bach, damsel, candy blob, olive or black snake.

    Elinor continued its rich vein of form with another week of great surface sport. Fly hatches have been the best for a few years with buzzers, pond olive, daddies, the first few damsels and a significant mayfly hatch.
    The majority of fish caught are 2lb + with plenty over 4lb.
    Although the biggest bags have come from the boats there are plenty of fish in range of bank anglers with dries scoring best although some have had success on snakes or damsels on an intermediate.
    Floater or midge tip with a washing line or dries are the best boat methods.
    Water remains crystal clear and at 16.8 C, two foot down at midday.

    Competition Results
    Scierra Pairs Sunday May 19th 9.30am – 4.30pm
    Great weather with fish rising all day. First boat back to the jetty with a 12 fish limit were Anthony Meadows/Paul Pratt at 1.15pm using washing line anchored off the coarse bank.
    Shortly after Ben Fox/Daniel Tranter bagged up at 1.34pm with some quality fish caught on yellow owls and cdc.
    8 pairs caught 74 fish
    Best Fish
    4lb 7oz Ben Fox
    3lb 4oz Shane Else

    1. Fox/Tranter 1.34pm 28lb 1oz + 5lb 8oz bonus = 33lb 9oz
    2. Meadows/Pratt 1.15pm 23lb 14oz + 6lb 8oz bonus = 30lb 6oz
    3. Kerrison/Griffin 4.14pm 26lb 1oz + 8oz bonus = 26lb 9oz
    4. Bowman/Edwards 2.29pm 22lb 4oz + 4lb bonus = 26lb 4oz
    5. Cuccurullo/Cuccurullo 3.57pm 24lb 2oz + 1lb bonus = 25lb 2oz
    6. Cooke/Else 9 fish 20lb 8oz

    Forthcoming Competitions

    Sunday November 10th
    Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather

    Next Stocking
    May 20th, 24th, 29th

    Elinor Trout Fishery
    Lowick Road, Aldwincle, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 3EE.
    Telephone: 01832 720786 | Email: [email protected]

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