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    This is here to try and mitigate a few of the support issues, if you think anything needs adding please let me know.

    Any issues email [email protected]


    Old accounts

    I realise a few people had some problems getting back on after the move, still trying to iron it all out. But if you had an old account and you had to register a new one, let me know the details and I can merge your old posts and other data into your new account. Either PM me or use the help link in the top left.

    AOL users

    If you are using the AOL browser, I recommend following the guide here: to enable cookies, this will keep you logged in, this is fairly standard behaviour for browsers and really won’t do you any harm.


    It’s died down a lot, but if you see it, please use the ! icon to report it.



    You can now subscribe to any, topic or forum by using the ‘subscribe’ link at the bottom of the page, this will send you an email whenever someone replies to the topic, or in the case of forums, posts a new topic or reply. You can manage these subscriptions in your User Control Panel.


    You can embed Youtube videos in posts using the Youtube button. To do this you only need the last part of the link, for example:

    You just need the last part after the = sign. YAsY7rjlqv4. Paste it into your post, select it and click the youtube button to activate it.

    Private Messages

    Private messages will sit in your outbox until they have been read, may seem obvious to some but not everyone! This isn’t email.


    Reputation is a way of giving people positive or negative feedback on the forum. If you feel they have been helpful or generally feel they are an alright kind of person vote them up. Conversely, if they are being bad, vote them down.

    Reputation is based on ‘power’ the more reputation power points you have, the more valuable your given reputation is. Your power is based on how many posts you have and how long you have been a member, up to a maximum of 10. If you have a reputation power of 10, when you give someone positive reputation you will grant them 10 points of reputation.

    • You cannot give reputation more than once in a 6 hour period.
    • You cannot give reputation to the same person unless you have given reputation to at least 5 other people in between.
    • You must have at least 50 posts or have been a member for over 200 days in order to give reputation

    These limits are in place to stop abuse and general vendettas against individuals.

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    fishing pump house lake sunday i would be grateful for some info thanx

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    Hi how do I put a item for sale ?

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    hi does anyone go fishing on Whitehaven pier in Cumbria can you help my name is William seath.

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    hi i have a litanium futura pole that was given to me by my late dad but it has two sections damaged 3&4 sections are damaged has eneyone got these sections spair or know where i can get some from. i need to get this done as it was my dads and he gave it to me just befor he died, lets hope i can and thank you

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    Hi. Please could you tell me how to post an advert on the for sale/wanted forum?


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    did you figure it out how to post ads, i’m having the same trouble. thanks

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