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    They are rated to 12 solid so i assume 6 doubled up or 7 at most

    in reply to: MAP 901 #169118

    i used the 901 today for the first time in a small match . I drew in the middle of the straight with every peg in on my side of lake so not a good start.

    i started at 13m and could not believe how light the pole was and how strong the sections felt , first fish was a nice 5lb common which was foul hooked and went barmy – pole didnt even shudder . then went to 16m and pole was still so stiff it was unreal , i was hitting roach bites shallow on caster and hardly missed a bite . Later on i used the top kit plus 2 sections as a margin pole and never felt the need to get margin pole out and i had a couple of double figure fish .

    To sum up , the 901 is absolutley amazing , it is the stiffest , lightest and strongest top end pole i have ever fished with and iv had a few top end poles in my time . And for the diawa lovers out there , forget the arity and air , this pole blows them away .

    in reply to: MAP 901 #169107

    got my 901 today , cant wait till sunday so i can actually fish with it – with a power top kit with 12 – 20 maver elastic it feels bloody amazing .

    Ive been hair rigging a small worm section for a couple of years when fishing shallow , you can usually catch a few fish on each section before you need to replace it .

    and i was doing it before mr scothornes feature , so were most of my mates 😉

    in reply to: ADVICE – HOLLY FARM (GILLS) #168050

    @JOHNNY BOY wrote:

    bagging wag works best on there

    maybe on trotters or moby but not on gills mate .

    best to either fish tight to island with either meat or worm and caster – and have a shallow line down the track with either pellet or caster. Margins can work if you have a bit of room.

    Cannot give up to date info as not fished there for over 6 months .

    in reply to: Pre-match ‘gardening’ #168005

    i sat directly behind one of the anglers supposedly using a spade and in waders at lindholme on saturday. yes he used waders as it would not have been safe to clear some reeds , branches etc from his margin swim without getting in lake – this was done as much for fish safety as anything else as any carp hooked would have potentially got tethered in reeds by line . He defenitely did not use a spade . Neil did come round to see what had been done and he agreed that what he had done was fine .

    i did not clear my margin swim – it had been done earlier in week by another angler before a match otherwise i would have done so myself.

    in reply to: Map tks 801 or tourney pro x #167371

    before I bought my latest pole I had a good look around at what was available , trying most on the bank – thanks to various anglers for letting me try their poles. I decided the 801 was the best pole for me , in my opinion it is lightish , very stiff , very strong , fantastic finish to all sections – i used stiffer , lighter, maybe slightly stronger poles , but the Map 801 seemed the perfect compromise so was my choice.

    the fact you can choose your own choice of top kits was also a bonus.

    having said that , i agree with others re trying poles for yourself , just because the 801 suits me doesnt mean it will be right for you.

    in reply to: mossella luggage #166832

    as above , also Davies angling

    in reply to: Evil O/T #166283

    if you cant think of something good to say you really should keep quiet .

    She was a mother and grandmother – how would you feel if somebody said that about your relation on the day she died??

    in reply to: Painting top kits grey #165496

    the underside of a heron is light grey and fish swim near them .

    i use grey top kits if im fishing shallow or tight to far bank .Dont think it makes any difference in deeper water though.

    in reply to: New Map Poles #165326

    you already know what im going to say james ,

    get the 701 unless you need the cash difference to get extra top kits , elastics etc :p

    in reply to: Elastic protectors #165183

    try to get some Mosella pole genies , they are a bit more expensive , but they have a small velcro fitting so they stay on the top kit until you take them off

    in reply to: Up in the Water Elastics? #165018

    Mosella J range is good , but the new Mosella Ozone range is better , the pink 10-14 is lovely and smooth , powers up nice and gentle 🙂

    in reply to: Top end poles #164907

    surely the real problem is what is perfect for one person may not be the best for somebody else .

    realistically , is there really such a thing as ” the best pole “

    in reply to: banned for being too good! #164635

    just so people know —

    Paul hasnt been banned – bread as feed has been .

    Paul has decided he doesnt want to fish the venue again as he thinks it isnt fair .

    in reply to: banned for being too good! #164617

    think you will find plenty of people beat Paul at tunnel while he was fishing bread .

    to be fair , i hardly fished there last year – but that was because i wanted to fish elsewhere not because of Paul.

    he is a real nice bloke and its a shame , but tunnel is a business and if they think it affected attendances you cant really blame them.

    in reply to: Hollow elastic #164567

    I used to use preston green 13h ,
    but i now use Mosella Ozone pink which is rated 10 – 12 .

    in reply to: mosella expanders #163931

    try ringing heyford fishery – 01327 370004

    or Avalon fishery 07855825089 – they are in partnership with Mosella 😉

    in reply to: DAIWA GONE MAD #163723

    @bagging machine wrote:

    it was stiff light and strong , and it had short sections .

    I remember seeing one at hayfield it had wraps on most sections so although it might be light and stiff i would question its strength probably better suited to bloodworm fishing on canals rather than commercials.

    I actually owned one and used it on commercials , i used to fish Heyford a lot in its hey day and that meant some decent carp , i had them to well over double figures with no problem

    in reply to: DAIWA GONE MAD #163719

    the tournament 710 was not just for marketing , it was the best pole by an absolute mile when it was released – and i saw a few in use , including mine 😉 I had a very well paid job at the time 😉

    it was stiff light and strong , and it had short sections .

    in reply to: Rive seat and trays #163700

    what colour is the stacking system , black or silver ?

    in reply to: holdall that fits a garbo G10? #162066

    It deffinitely fits in a Mosella kompact 4 or 8 .

    i use the same pole and it fits in my luggage 😉

    in reply to: Feeding soil #161309

    i always feed it fairly wet , so it lingers in the water 😉

    in reply to: A.C.A Masters Teams of 6 Today #161431

    Well done kev , and the rest of the total fishing team – top result , to be beaten by team marukyu is no disgrace

    you must have beaten some top class teams to come second 🙂

    in reply to: O/T Ladbrokes go stand out even money Usain Bolt #160962

    i think he will loose anyway , so evens is a poor price 😎

    in reply to: heyford fishery #160416

    heyford is fishing hard at the moment .

    i personally think there is plenty of fish in there , but there is also an abundance of natural food due to the far bank reeds , weed down the track and quite a few branches in the water .

    to catch well tyou need to fish th ein form pegs – bends and bridges – you will have to fish tight to the far bank and beware of the snags in the water .

    pleasure nets arent too bad , but matches are being won with 15 – 20lb

    in reply to: Korum fishing set #160284

    Not actually uesd one , but we got them in shop and they look decent enough .

    like previous poster siad , korum / preston dont sell rubbish

    in reply to: mosella/avalon ozone elastic #160199

    The white is lovelyt and soft ,
    the pink 10 – 14 is also really soft but with plenty of power to kick in 🙂

    in reply to: MAP meat cutter ? #160166

    wouldnt 2mm meat cubes float ?????

    meat is usually associated with catching decent stamp of fish so why would you need 2mm cubes , just put through a meat cuttet twice or grate through a maggot riddle

    in reply to: HELP! – mosella Kompact 4 or 8? #160109

    I used to have the 4 , but ive now got the 8 – it is more bulky but you can fit kit in more easilly.

    buy the 8 , you wont regret it , its deffo the best luggage on the market

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