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    @stav wrote:

    theres a new range branded as mosella uk coming soon same luggage design though so shops have propably sold the old stuff and are waiting for the new to come in

    new range out soon , new catalogue is being printed this or next week . new logo will be “mosella uk” lots of new / improved products 😉

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    Sconezone wellardz or Mosella dibbers

    in reply to: Toft Carp Lake #158563

    Maggot or pellet at 5m is fine , meat or pellet long is fine

    deffo enough water in lake now for the margins to be good 😉

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    pm sent on maggotdrowning buddy

    in reply to: Best Luggage #158302

    Have a look at the Mosella range , deffo the best on the market , had mine for over 2 years and still going strong .

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    @paulD wrote:

    I bought some Mosella expandas (in a blue bag) a couple of months ago and they were brilliant – perfect size and consitancy, Best pellets ive used by far but it seem theyve gone bust now 🙁
    If anybody sees them in a shop buy them up !!!! and send me a few bags.

    no , they havent gone bust mate , you can still buy mosella products , and some new products on the way , their gr8 pre prepaired pellets are awesome 😀

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    The f1s are on most pegs , just gotta feed correctly 😉

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    Hi Kev matey .

    Not seen you for ages 🙁

    carp lake is fishing well , probably need ton to win as long as it dont go too cold next couple of nights.

    I was there last week for a practise on feeder fishing , fished tight to island with small 30g method feeder loaded with 50 / 50 mix of sonu method mix and soaked 2mm pellet and fished a 6mm hard pellet in a band on hair rig , caught loads mate .

    pole in margins works , but water is low so they dont stay long . best to fish 4 – 6 m just off the slope in deeper water , or 11 – 14 m in the real deep water . i would fish pellet or paste on hook , but if its hard , feed and fish maggot .

    any more info , feel free to pm me mate .


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    not bad weights if it was windy 😉

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    Feel free to pm me next time you are there mate , sorry , i wasnt online yesterday or i would have answered .

    in reply to: BARSTON MASTERS 14TH APRIL RESULTS #157517

    Well done Lee mate.

    nice to see you qualify first time , and in style 😉

    nice to see Carl and Jimmy in final as well .

    Ive been doing it for at least 3 years especially when fishing shallow 😉

    in reply to: Maggots/pellets pellets/maggots #156395

    in my experience , maggot over pellet feed works well , pellet over maggot feed not so good.

    But generally you will get better results feeding and hooking same bait

    in reply to: Wanted Garbolino Apollo 8 Kit roost, #155915

    ive got one , how much you gonna pay ???

    its mint , it doesnt fit my leg system

    in reply to: Avon Ho AC or the pools at Kings Newnham nr Rugby #155805

    Pretty sure they belong to Avon ho – this is a syndicated water – contact Banks & Burr fishing tackle , they will have permits ( deffo sold out for the current season ) . Think they run from March – March and previous members will get first option to rejoin.

    in reply to: Peatling pools #155701

    Very difficult to give info due to all lakes being in for fisho .

    if you draw plough or harrow , they are snake type lakes approx 14 – 16 m wide . fish pellet or paste . depths 2 feet across , 5-6 feet down the track.

    if you draw the big lakes , fill it in with corn – you are fishing for a win , so go for it – you could do a VERY big weight , pellet wag is also an option.

    difficult to say more than that as lake sare so different and all in.

    in reply to: O/T. The six nations thread. #154979

    yeah , get in there england 😀

    how the hell did we win that ,

    and who cares as long as we win ,


    in reply to: Tofts farm fishery – Rugby #154902

    yes mate , day ticket , weekends are often booked for matches though , saturday is the better day as more clubs fish sundays 😉

    11h might be a bit light , the carp fight a bit – I use maver 12-20 , 13h if I can get em shallow -which aint very often coz the lake catches the wind , even a gentle breeze gives near white water 🙁

    they do run matches every tuesday – alternate between silver and carp lake .

    lakes not open till march due to shooting .

    in reply to: Tofts farm fishery – Rugby #151637

    the carp average about 2lb , but some go to near double figures.

    bait wise , normal ,ie pellet , paste , meat etc

    no real hot pegs , but the island pegs do sometimes dominate – not always though.

    pole , waggler and method all work and all are winning method on their day.

    fishing in the margins can be a winning method, but depends on pegging , if every peg in , they can spook from margins .

    if you are on buckos charity match , every peg will be in , so i would fish 5m , 11m ,and method to island (as long as i was on thbe island pegs obviously ).

    very few opens run as clubs tend to book lakes most weekends.

    any more info reqd , feel free to ask 😉

    in reply to: Mosella – administration?? #153012

    Mosella uk is still up and running , new website and catalogue out soon 🙂

    in reply to: Floats For Sale #148167

    pm sent mark

    in reply to: BARSTON MASTERS 2012 INFO DATES PLEASE READ!! #148095

    Lee , please put me down for all matches next year , you can either pm me your address or i will pay you next time you in shop mate.


    wel done pemb ,

    well done lee on running a superb series , sorry i couldnt be there for the final


    in reply to: Toft Farm Fishery #147751

    toft “silver ” lake has a lot of small ( up to 1lb ) f1s as well as roach . perch skimmers chub and gudgeon , and a lot of barble which are packing on weight finally , now go to about 1lb 🙂

    personally , i would target the far bank – approx 10 – 16m away , find 2 feet depth and use that as your starting point , feed with a toss pot using micro pellet and fish a 4mm expander over the top , fish as leght a float as you can get away with , small hooh and light line with light elastic .

    if that doesnt work , or you start catching more barble than f1s , switch to meat or worm on the hook.

    i have been catching shalow on caster , but its starting to get cooler mow , so will be less effective now .

    in reply to: Barston Masters Final september 3rd NAMES!! #147629

    Lee , i wont be there mate , got too much on , family etc .

    sorry .


    in reply to: any holly farm regulars ? #147491

    gills lake , fish top 4 out , 4mmexpander over micro , or maggot

    not fished other 2 lakes for ages .

    hope this helps a bit

    in reply to: Barston Masters August 6th Match #146278

    Sorry Lee ,

    cant make this saturday mate , plesae take me off the list

    in reply to: Tofts #145159

    the best way to fish silver lake is to set your rig to approx 18 inches , find that depth towards the far bank ,and use that as your main catching line.

    feedwise , i always start on pellet , feed micros and fish 4mm expander over the top. feed with a tosspot every put in , do not feed with big cup , the f1s will back away from too much food . if you start to catch more barble than f1s , change to worm n caster.

    you can also catch close in , but i usually find i catch quicker and for longer by sticking to far bank .

    shallow caster down the middle also works.

    in reply to: June 4th Barston Masters Names so far #142497

    can you take me off the list for this match lee .

    sorry its short notice mate.


    in reply to: lightest grade hollow #140997

    mosella j range pink is 3 – 6

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