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    Try inside line – very close in for 3 minutes , if no bites go long to island , find 2feet 6 inches depth and feed small amounts of micros and fish 4mm expander on hook. The reason for the short time on inside , they are either there or not.

    This will catch f1s , if this fails , use worm & caster over for barble , tench and chub.

    Be warned , the wind can make fishing far bank very difficult , so you may need a light feeder rod.

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    Heyford is still going mate.

    Fishing can be hard or easy depending on where you sit .

    Last year , the mid 90s – 105 was a good area.

    Not fished there seriously this year , but worm & caster to far bank was the best method , I have heard that pellet is catching a few carp now.

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    Fished yesterday – first time I have even seen the place.

    Came second with 85lb from peg in the middle of the arm of lake 2 , beaten by the end peg.

    Lake 4 fished very hard.

    I was told worm & caster would not work , ignored the advice !!

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    Pellet , pellet and more pellet.

    Or maggot / meat on the feeder if you have the island to chuck to.

    Fish 11m out for lots of bites from the smaller fish or closer in for less , but bigger fish

    in reply to: Floats for F1 fishing. #101930

    Pete rice floats from Tunnel Barn Farm .

    Or tbf specials from Gerrys of Nottingham

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    As nobody seems to be helping you,

    I have not fished Gills for a while .

    I would use caster and worm on the far bank , possibly down the track as well and maybe corn in the margins.

    Also , do not dismiss bread on the far bank , and even caster shallow IF it warms up a bit.

    Hope this helps , but as i said , not fished the place this year yet.

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    I do not normally flavour pellete , but have used Marmite in the past with good results , probably due to the salt content.

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    It used to be bronze , red is also catching this year.

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    Top Pool is mostly pellet or corn as there is a lot of small skimmers .

    New pool is maggot or pellet at the moment .

    Fish to islands , and full depth down the middle.

    If it warms up a bit , the margins will start to fish , but not enough fish coming close in yet to make it worth while.

    fish light line & elastics and a small hook. use as light a float as you can and shot to a pimple , bites are still bit iffy.

    in reply to: Whats the verdict on Mossella luggage? #94922

    obviously biased , but the best luggage I have seen .

    not cheapest , but well thought out and will last ages .

    had mine over a year now and no damage yet.

    in reply to: Tunnel Barn Farm … required #94921

    ask nearer the time , methods change very quickly at this venue.

    Personally , i will be hoping it gets warmer so shallow fishing works.

    in reply to: IMPORTANT CJS PAIRS MATCH 2009 #78509

    Blunthook , could not agree more , good day out last year . was looking forward to this , but to be fair , running matches is no fun when people moan about pegging ,poor fishing etc.

    in reply to: CJS Pairs Match #76931

    Stick me down Kev ( is Deano fishing , if so I would like him as a partner – for obvious reasons )

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