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    Yes I’m afraid he has passed away Swimfeeder.

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    @MarkPR22 wrote:

    10-12 years ago this would of received 100 replies! 🙁

    About the same time as to when anglers could afford to buy Rive tackle?. 😀

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    If you can stretch another £250?.The Map 901 is now £2250 in some shops.

    in reply to: Pellets well past there best before date!!! #175924

    Just got some Ringers method micros.They have a label on the back with best before 19/08/17 date on them.

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    @matchace wrote:

    sphere bomb rod all day all the browning guys are going crazy over them

    Bigfella wanted a 8′ or 9′ rod?.The sphere rod is 10′ :confused:

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    I pick up 4 tins a week in Morrison’s (there own brand)on our weekly shop.They are £1.49 each(300g)and are IMHO the same meat as Plumrose and as I seem to keep getting £5 off vouchers for our next shop,in my mind the 4 tins only cost me

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    I have to agree with a few above.Seems like it was thrown together and all the staff could have a jolly up over the festive season. 😡

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    How old is the pole?.
    Are there any short 4s and a dolly butt.

    in reply to: pole float visibility #174207

    The best i have ever used are Jon Walker hand mades.

    in reply to: MW Floats #173060

    You have a pm Mark.

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    @morris1985 wrote:

    The spectron m2 was marketed as a silvers pole I’m I not correct so your telling me that when it’s got hollow elastic in it that fishing it at full length it’s stiff !! Well that’s not how it felt to me and if it was such a fantastic pole why do you never see them on the bank ?? It felt like a sloppy pole to me with with the hollow in as you say that is my opinion and am talking out of my arse!!!

    You are very much correct,Silvers pole rated to a 12 elastic.You still have not said that you have ever owned one??.Maybe the one you tried had Purple/red hydro in it.My hollo in mine is maver retro 6-10 and white hydro,all hollo and no droop in mine at 16 mtr.

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    @morris1985 wrote:

    I agree with Andy my knowledge of the super slim is that it’s the spectron m2 mandrel these did not sell as they were not very stiff and a crap all round pole stick to the 13m package of the normal airity you can always add sections at a later date if you wanted but personally I would go for the full 16m package then you could always sell the butt sections and get some cash back it would probs work out cheaper than the 13m pack that way pal

    Have you ever owned a Spectron M2?,not sure where you get the not very stiff and crap pole from.Your talking out of your arse imho.

    in reply to: New Vespe 6d Stripper Kits #171370

    Got 2 on pre order,not turned up as yet(they were due the end of March)7

    in reply to: Feeder rods #170502

    @pedro1098 wrote:


    Ditto 😉

    in reply to: diawa spectron #170304

    I have a 16 mtr spectron comp for sale(from the number 5 up to the 16 mtr section)Pick up only from Herts.£300 No offers.

    in reply to: Tony Burke Feeders #170274

    If you can not get hold of any,try the Kevin Leach ones from DJK tackle?. 😉

    in reply to: Daiwa Spectron 16mtr Pole. #169805

    Pm sent Mike.

    in reply to: Daiwa Spectron 16mtr Pole. #169803

    Mike,i can take some on my mobile phone,but not sure how to transfer them onto this forum??.

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    Sorry it is a Spectron Competition.

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    @mike pattinson wrote:


    I like a few others still use the original daiwa spectron competition, which I think is a fantastic all-round pole and am dreading the day I have to stop using it.

    Most of my fishing is silvers especially on my local club water and I have purchased the daiwa spectron M2, (rated to 12 elastic) which I will use from now until summer. It’s light, stiff and a pleasure to use, and often on ebay for little money as most want carp poles.

    I would seriously recommend this pole to anyone who fishes silvers.

    Spooky,as i have the same 2 poles.Used the m2 sunday and had 50 plus pound of carp on it.Not using the original spectron anymore and willing to let it go for £300.It is 16 mt and comes from the number 5 to the 16 mt section,with pro repairs on the number 5&6 sections.Also a good buy for anyone needing spares.

    @gaz r wrote:

    gotta agree the quadbox is exellent , had rive d36, octbox. matrix ,daiwa 300 etc and this is the best imo, the matrix is also good but its big 2 get in car etc and the footplate was a nitemare.

    Another vote for the Quad box.More comfy than a rive and also much quicker to get level than the rive.

    in reply to: 30m quad box legs?. #169671

    Thanks James,was maybe wishing the 36 bits would clamp up tight enough on the 30m quad legs(as it is only 6m bigger?)back to the preston bits now then. 🙁

    in reply to: wheres the hardest fighting carp you have seen ? #168689

    Stowe school 11 acre lake near Buckingham.Proper,proper pure 100% wildies,they go up to 12lb and never known carp anywhere fight so hard. 😮

    in reply to: Which 10ft carp feeder rod ? #168289

    If you can,try and have a look at the Frenzee bomb rod. 😀 😀

    in reply to: feeder reels #167994

    @MarkT wrote:

    Daiwa Caldia 4000x.

    Same for me. 🙂 🙂

    in reply to: Seat box options #167185

    I have the quad box,the smaller one and i am well pleased with it.Had a few boxes over the years,including a rive.For commys this 2drawer one is spot on. 🙂

    in reply to: Fox Micro Plus Match Line #166516

    I used to use the fox line and have found the Guru n-gauge as a very good replacement.

    in reply to: RIVE BOX LEGS #166460

    No need to keep me informed Chris,as i would never buy a rive again.The joke bit mate was about the shop guy telling you to put rubber bits on the leg block.Also carrying the box on a short walk(where icould not use my trolley the strap broke and the box went down the side of my leg,taking the skin off.(i was wearing shorts at the time and had a john cleese moment? giving that rive the biggest kicking of it’ s life. 😀 😀

    in reply to: RIVE BOX LEGS #166457

    @chrismoorhead wrote:

    my box is the D36 hsp open
    its the new one where you can remove the leg without dismantling the whole box
    I have just being informed by dave glover from bobco that I need to glue some soft rubber to the inside of the clasp this will hopefully stop it slipping
    thanks for you help though guys

    That is a joke,i had a st25 many years ago and the back right hand leg kept slipping.Done my head in and even put a sweetcorn tin under the frame? on one match at the glebe.Got shot of it and got a £200 sensas box,which i found much better.Up to a grand plus for a box and you have to mess about with leg 😮

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