Chris Yates returns to The Carp Channel for the latest issue as Ian Chillcott continues to find out what makes the eccentric former British carp record holder tick.

‘Chilly’ joins Chris and his antique fishing tackle, on the banks of one of his favourite fisheries as he recalls his quest to balance being an illustrator and photographer with his obsession with catching carp.
Chris Yates talks about his early sessions on the iconic Redmire Pool with Rod Hutchinson, and how he accidentally came to find out that the venue’s fish had something of a taste for sweetcorn.
Ian’s first instalment of ‘The World According To Chris Yates’ was broadcast last year and is still the most popular programme ever broadcast on The Carp Channel with over 25,000 views, and it continues here in two parts.
It’s free to view in the June/July issue – just click on the link below and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist.