Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Saturday)

Moat (37 pegs)


1 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 85-10-0; peg island 37 On another blustery day on Moat Andy Sellars fishing from peg 39 on the island put feeder and maggot to good effect taking carp to 8lb for 85-10-0 and the win.


2 G Bennett, Peg One, 65-2-0;  peg outer 54 Geoff Bennett fished similar tactics from peg 54 on the outer to catch carp to 5lb for 65-2-0


3 G Wilde, Fishing Republic, 37-0-0; peg island 43 Geoff Wilde was third with 37-0-0


4 J Wilde, Fishing Republic, 23-2-0;       5 N Sears, Daiwa Hallcroft,

19-12-0;         6 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 19-10-0             




Tigra/Daiwa Hallcroft Silverfish Teams of 4 (Final Round) Bridge/Moat/Reed (52 pegs)


Triana were just pipped in weight in today’s final league match but they ran out comfortable series winners with 68 pts. Hallcroft Select were second with

95 pts followed by Hallcroft Red on 112 pts.


1 J Masson, Hallcroft Select, 25-15-0; peg Bridge island 21 Jamie fished pole and pellet from Bridge island peg 21 for 25-15-0 of skimmers and roach.


2 L Sears, Hallcroft Red, 16-14-0; peg Bridge island 23 Luke was second fishing pole and bloodworm, just edging out team mate Steve Robbins by 1oz.


3 S Robbins, Hallcroft Red, 16-13-0; peg Moat island 48


4 S Bestall, Tigra, 15-8-0;        5 G Mumby, Triana, 12-14-0;        6 P

Morgan, Triana, 11-2-0  


Overall Top 6 Team Positions:

1  Triana                  68 Pts

2  Hallcroft Select    95 Pts

3  Hallcroft Red     112 Pts

4  Tigra Green       116 Pts

5  Slop                   123 Pts

6  Donny               161 Pts




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Monday) Reed (14 Pegs)


1 N Speed, Dynamite Baits, 40-0-0; peg 31 Nick Speed fished pole with pellet for 5 carp and a few skimmers then later added 2 bigger carp on bomb and corn


2 A Hemmingway, Climax Tackle, 28-14-0; peg 15 Andy Hemmingway caught carp to 6lb on bomb with meat and corn


3 P Morgan, Triana, 24-6-0; peg 32

Phil Morgan fished pole and pellet for 2 carp and 15lb of skimmers


4 A Sellars, Bankside, 22-15-0




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Tuesday) Croft (12 Pegs)


1 G Hammond, Triana, 24-10-0; peg 4

Another close contest on Croft. George Hammond fished groundbait and maggot from peg 4 catching carp to 2lb


2 J Hobson, Hallcroft, 20-8-0; peg 6

Jack Hobson  caught carp to 1½ lb to pole and pellet


3 J Simms, Hallcroft, 19-12-0; peg 2

Joe Simms was third with 19-12-0 of carp




Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League (Thursday) Moat  Outer (20 Pegs)


1 D Clegg, Britannia, 30-0-0; peg 101

With half of Moat still with ice on the water weights were lower than normal for this veteran’s match. Leading the way was Dick Clegg from peg 101 who fished pole, maggot and pellet for 6 carp and a handful of skimmers.


2 A Payling, Peg One, 18-14-0; peg 76

Venue regular Arnie Payling fished pole and pellet for a skimmer net weighing 18-14-0


3 R Smith, Notts AA, 15-14-0; peg 74

Roy Smith took third spot with 3 carp on bomb and corn


4 P Lawton, Hallcroft, 15-12-0

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