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What is Fly Fishing?

Maybe you’re just beginning to fly fish or maybe you’ve never even heard of it, but either way by the end of this read, you will have a much better idea of what it is, what you need for it and how to do it. What is fly fishing is a simple enough question so […]

The Fly Fishing Absolute Guide

Fly fishing has been around for hundreds of years and many countries around the world have a history of the sport. More so, myriad of people practice fly fishing as a hobby. If would like to learn more about fly fishing from the professionals, see here where you get your complete fly fishing resources like […]

Techno Dog (Stillwater)

This pattern is equally effective for brown trout as it is for rainbows, which is a bit of a rarity. It can be fished on all lines, but for best results go for a sinking line of some description because this means it can retrieved relatively quickly on an even plain. A roly-poly can be […]

Fly Lines Up Close

The Future Of Fly Lines Under the watchful eye of production director and fly-line guru Richard Wothers, Airflo has been first to the market with density compensation (to make sinking lines sink tip first), PolyFuse technology, variable buoyancy and, arguably, the smoothest welded loops on the market. One of the latest breakthroughs is Ridge technology […]

All You Need Is a Floater

Spring might well be just around the corner but, realistically, it’s still winter and the days are not exactly warm, and insect activity is sparse to say the least. Even during the ‘warm’ lunch time period you may only see the odd midge. The mornings are bleak and misty and do not inspire much confidence […]

The Beautiful Brown Trout

All about our beautiful, beloved brown trout…. Fish Biology This might not mean a whole lot to you but it should if you are an admirer of the wild brown trout, if you are a hunter of the wild fish that have been with us since the retreat of the last ice age. Even if […]

A Test of Floating Fly Lines

Total Fly Fisher magazine looks at some of the leading floating fly fishing lines on the market and what you should look for to suit the type of fly fishing you are planning.   The Test For all-round stillwater use, a 7-wt line is the UK angler’s number-one choice. We took 14 of the latest […]

Chocolate-brown Blackwater

Tim Smith and myself, along with other selected members of the angling press, had been invited over to Ireland for a spot of small-water competition fishing. Tim had other things to attend to, so he said (I actually think the whole thought of competition freaked him out), so he couldn’t make it. However, I managed […]

The Land of the Long White Cloud

The Land of the Long White Cloud by Robert MacDougall-Davis Re-produced from an article originally published in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Turquoise rivers, interspersed with long clear glides, pour through mysterious forests and thunder down lonely log-jammed gorges.  And in this land of towering fjords, windswept tussock-quilted planes and virgin wilderness, trout of gargantuan […]

An Olive Spring In The Usk Valley

An Olive Spring in the Usk valley Robert MacDougall-Davis goes for a spring foray as he investigates fly fishing on the River Usk. Article Originally published in Trout and Salmon magazine…. PROFILE: Biologist Robert MacDougall-Davis is a regular contributor to the British angling press.  He is currently writing his first book on fly fishing. A […]