Category: Tackle Reviews

Korum Speed Spin Rod Range

A comprehensive new selection of fast-action spinning rods from Korum with modern Japanese inspired looks and performance. The tip recovery is perfect for accurate casting and the powerful reserves provide a superb action. The components used on these rods have been chosen for their durability for a wide range of spin fishing applications. FEATURES Super-slim […]

SonuBaits Worm Fishmeal Groundbait

This new groundbait from the SonuBaits stable contains a heady mixture ground pellets, fishmeal and the magic ingredient of dried earthworms, which concentrates and intensifies the flavour All species of fish respond to this cocktail. Use two pints of water to mix a 2kg bag. Can also be used dry in maggots, including when freezing […]

Preston Innovations Monster Top Kit Cases

A great new product for pole anglers, Preston Innovations Monster Top Kit Cases are designed for keeping carp kits safely stored without risk of nicking the elastic. The cases have impact resistant internal storage tubes that can hold up to 12 folded top kits when in transit. The cases can be carried on their own or they […]

Coco The Crab from Westin Fishing

The product to most catch the eye here at this week is Westin Fishing’s new Coco The Crab lure. Very lifelike, and measuring about 2cm across, the patter is made from a 3D scan of the real thing and is the result of extensive research into how crab’s swim, and how predatory fish take […]

Pro Logic Mimicry 3D Mirage XP

Mirage XP is a breakthrough monofilament line which boasts features you would expect in a carp mainline including low diameter, high breaking strain and good abrasions resistance, but with the added magic of Mimicry 3D camo technology. The technology is something that can only be incorporated into very high qualifty coopolymer according the ProLogic boffins, […]

Dynamite Baits Complex-T Fluro Pop-Ups

A slightly washed out, pinkish fluoro colour is a staple choice for match anglers fishing with pinkies and maggots, especially when the going is tough the the water is cold and clear. The colour has now been applies to Dynamite’s Complex-T range which come in 10mm – small enough for some match purposes – and […]

Guru Pure Fluorocarbon Line

A new, incredibly supple fluorocarbon from the Guru team, this line exhibits the low visibility characteristics you need from a fluorocarbon line, while also being tough and abrasion resistent, and easy to knot. Available in 0.14mm, 0.18mm, 0.22mm and 0.25mm at £6.99 for 50 metres. RETAILER LINK

Preston Offbox 36 Monster Bait Station

The new Preston Offbox 36 Monster Bait Bait Station can be attached to both seat-box and platform legs and once in position can be swivelled to the correct position so you can easily reach whateve bait you are using without disrupting your fishing rythmn. It comes complete with two five-pint capacity bait tubs (lids not included) […]

The Korum Roving Kit

I was working for an angling magazine when Korum first entered the market with what was then a revolutionary new approach for the roving/pleasure angler. Its roots were based in match fishing, with fully adjustable legs so you could sit on any bank in comfort, and various accessories you could ‘out-rig’ from the legs. But […]

NuFish Restabox

A real eye catcher, the NuFish Restabox is a unique and modern design of fishing seat and is perfect for the angler who needs or likes to travel light. This is a situation that can be important for the pleasure angler who is traversing over long distances – perhaps stalking or covering a lot of swims […]

Stonfo Precision Loop Tyer

This new product from the Stonfo stable makes tying identical sized loops for your hooklengths and hair rigs a doddle, and importantly you can choose yourself the size of loop you want, from just 5mm to 25mm. Featuring a brass locking nut, it’s nice and flat and fits easily inside the draws of your box. […]

Guru Pellet Pliers

Excellent product this, that makes the age old problem of banding up a hard pellet with the inevitable wet finger you get when fishing a doddle. Just place the two ‘nipples’ into pellet band, squeeze the handles to open up the band and slip the pellet inside and release. Easy, and in these colours it […]

Stabiliser Sub Floats From Nathans

When you need to present a bait well away from debris off of the bottom a ‘subfloat’ which suspends the bait enticinglyu above the snags but out of trouble is essential! These Catfish Subfloats from Nathans enable are just the job for ensuring your bait is fishing effectively and away from any underwater obstructions, and […]

Preston Beanie Hat With Visor

Combining keeping your bonnet warm in those winter winds with keeping the low sun off your eye line, and at under £10, this new Preston Innovations branded winter warmer is worth a look. Standard Beanie hat also available from Benwick Sports. RETAILER LINK