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How worried should we be about super trawlers working the England Channel. Tim McPherson reports…

Angling Trust Director and editor of Saltwater Boat Angling magazine, Tim Macpherson, comments on the presence of the controversial super trawler Margiris (above), fishing in the English Channel. There has been a lot of noise over social media, and elsewhere, about a super trawler, the Margiris, which has been operating in the Channel in recent […]

Bomber Rig

How to tie the Bomber Boom Rig The Bomber Rig This rig is well known on the match scene the length and breadth of the country. It allows you to fish two long hooklengths that both clip down to the same bait clip. Because of the length of the snoods, this rig is ideal for […]

Clean Ground Codding

If you want to catch more from the beach then read on as Total Sea Fishing reveals 10 top tips that are sure to improve your chances this season. COD are the most common target species along the UK coastline and every year anglers travel to their favourite venues in their masses to try for that elusive ‘big […]

Mullet Man

Cornish rock-hopping legend Ed Schliffke is an ace at catching the elusive grey mullet. Crafty Creatures Mullet are notoriously crafty creatures. They’ve had many anglers stand in bewilderment, scratching their heads, as time after time they manage to take the bait off the hook without even moving the float. Lord knows how they do it, […]

How To Use VHF Radio

Have you ever been on board a boat when something drastic has happened? Well, what would you do if it was the skipper who was injured? Here’s the TSF guide to using a VHF radio properly… Picture the scene… It’s a beautiful summer afternoon. You and your pals take your small, fast, fibreglass angling boat […]

The plight of the spurdog

THERE have been an increasing number of sporadic but significant hauls of spurdog (Squalus acanthias) encountered by Cornish fishermen in recent months. Just last week a Newlyn based trawler accidently caught more than 10 tonnes of spurdog while fishing for John Dory around the Isles of Scilly. This meant damaged fishing gear, lost fishing time […]

Fangs, Pollack And Cannibals

Ant Glascoe Hey guys…. it’s been a hectic summer from trout water pike, to river zander to tackling wrecks and reefs off the Welsh coast. Predators! I just love em! September has to be one of my all-time best months to target one of my favourite sea species, the bass. Last year we had a […]