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Spodding For Carp With Dave Lane

Dave Lane takes a close look at spodding. How does he spod, what kit does he use and when does he spod? THERE is little point in searching out tiny little features at range if it is impossible to bait them accurately. The further that you fish the more ineffective most baiting methods become. Throwing […]

Carp Fishing Essentials

All great fishermen start somewhere, with their first fishing experience. Which is why we are presenting this infographic about Carp fishing with Total Fishing Tackle about what you need for a good carp fishing trip. To help every newbie fisher or an experience fisher find some new gear to treat themselves to. This guide details everything you […]

A Guide To Spodding For Carp

By Chris Berry Too many anglers are a bit trigger-happy when it comes to spodding and cannot wait to blast large amounts of bait out to the horizon. It is a fact that many anglers fall into the trap of automatically spodding on certain waters, the Linear Fisheries waters particularly spring to mind. In the […]

Carp Fishing: Bite Indication

Carp ace Dave Lane shows how you can improve your bite indication when fishing for big carp – and catch more fish… Rig Rejected! THESE days our rigs – or more to the point our hook baits – are being tested and successfully rejected more and more by the carp we fish for. On some of the […]

Faking It

Big carp ace Dave Lane looks at how imitation baits can catch you more fish… Plastic Fantastic WITH the recent upsurge in results around the country that anglers have been having on artificial hook baits, I thought I would begin my new technical series – which is designed to complement my monthly diary feature – […]

Carp Care With Simon Scott

Simon Scott gives his views and advice on the essential issue of carp care. How can you best look after the carp you catch? IT’S vital for the future of our sport that we look after the fish we catch and the environment it lives in. In a day and age when angling is being […]

Larysa Unleashes Carp Fishing On The USA

Call it fate, destiny or the workings of a “higher power” but, when two personalities with similar ambitions come together there’s no telling just how far and wide the parameters are for what they can achieve. In this case, the ambition is to raise carp awareness worldwide, especially in the United States! To the majority, […]

How To Stop Spod Spill

Dave Lane explains how you can make sure bait doesn’t fall out when you are spodding. ONE aspect of spodding that tends to be overlooked a lot is the elimination of ‘spod spill’. This is where, just after you cast your loaded spod out, a shower of bait from the top of the spod rains […]

Carp Fishing In Weed

Carp love feeding in weed during the height of summer, but what rigs should you use? Yateley ace Steve Fantauzzi has the answers… A LOT of carp anglers hate fishing in and around weed. I don’t know why, because I love it. I love it for one very good reason – most weed contains a […]