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The River Severn at Shrewsbury

THE River Seven at Shrewsbury is, quite simply, a magnificent place. The venue has been attracting match and pleasure anglers alike from all over the country for many years. Each season, between October and March, there are open matches organised every Saturday, which regularly attract from 50 to 70 anglers. The stretch that is used […]

Lake Guri Tackle Busters

Lake Guri: Venezuala’s Best-Kept Secret By Steve Townson I travel all around the world to get my fishing fix and as I am a roving, fish-mad, action-seeking sportsangler and wildlife fanatic, I love nothing better than heading up some undiscovered jungle river or hidden lake in search of crazy, wild fish. I was invited […]

In conversation with John Raison

Dave Harrell: I can’t remember exactly which year it was when I came here to fish the first invitation match you organised after you bought the venue. I do recall, though, playing and eventually losing a huge stillwater salmon that was well into double figures! Tell us about how Gold Valley came about… John Raison: […]

Fishing The River Leam

Fishing The River Leam by Keith Jobling The river Leam springs near Hellidon in Northamptonshire and flows West through the villages of Marton and Offchurch before it confluences with the Warwickshire Avon in Royal Leamington Spa. For the majority of its length the Leam is a small river, indeed barely a stream in its upper […]

Cracking The Wide River Welland

River Welland ace Mick Parkinson fishes one of his Spalding club’s venues to prove that the famous river is bouncing back despite the rising popularity of commercial carp lakes. Find the colour in the water and fish Mick’s way and double-figure bags are on the cards. I LOVE fishing the Welland. It’s a challenge for […]