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How worried should we be about super trawlers working the England Channel. Tim McPherson reports…

Angling Trust Director and editor of Saltwater Boat Angling magazine, Tim Macpherson, comments on the presence of the controversial super trawler Margiris (above), fishing in the English Channel. There has been a lot of noise over social media, and elsewhere, about a super trawler, the Margiris, which has been operating in the Channel in recent […]

What is Fly Fishing?

Maybe you’re just beginning to fly fish or maybe you’ve never even heard of it, but either way by the end of this read, you will have a much better idea of what it is, what you need for it and how to do it. What is fly fishing is a simple enough question so […]

How Fishing Can Become a Student Hobby

Pic Credit: Fishing and angling is an excellent hobby, not only for adults but also for students. Here are some reasons why… Fishing is one of the oldest hobbies and activities dating back to 1400s, a fact that may have made you associate it with the aged. However, things are changing. Students are taking […]

Kayaking: Ultimate River Getaway

IMAGE SOURCE: Kayaking is a classic and fun activity that puts you right at the center of nature. You get to explore the greater outdoors while blending into the irresistible flow of untamed beauty. Regardless of who you are paddling with, whether solo or in groups; a kayaking-expedition invokes the thrill and utmost memories […]