Category: Fishing Gear

ICS Bait Up Feeders

Fully compatible with the ICS system, the Bait Up Feeder from Preston Innovations is designed to introduce large amounts of groundbait or particles utilising a Hexmesh design to allow optimum bait release. • ICS system compatible • Weight forward design for increased range • Optimum bait release • Two sizes to cover all depths and […]

Fox 290 Inflatable Fishing Boat with Air Deck

The new Fox Inflatable Fishing Boat is the perfect choice for anglers who demand stability and usable space. With its rounded end tubes, the Fox Inflatable Fishing Boat offers increased stability on the water, as well as extra internal space. Additionally, the Fox Inflatable Fishing Boat is designed to give you even more maneuverability and […]

Preston Banded Hair Rig Sticks

These Ready Rigs are constructed from the highest quality materials, and tied to precise specifications to create rigs suitable for all anglers. The fully loaded Rig Stick can be taken straight out of the packaging and placed into the correct sized Mag Store System box. Each pack contains 8 hand tied rigs which are stored […]

Daiwa D-Tatch Accessory Arms

These Accessory Arms are designed for versatility and convenience, and capable of use on square and round legs. Simply locate the carrier attachment where it suits you and, when required, apply the accessory straight on, securing it with a lever lock. The Daiwa collection of seat box accessories ensures a tidy and organized fishing station […]

New Pellet Wagglers from Matrix

Unique ultra-durable aerated plastic body High visibility moulded flighted cap Brass weighted base, no additional shot required Built in X-Strong swivel for easy and secure attachment Available in 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g

Heavy Duty Oilskins Or Lightweight With Layering – What’s The Best Solution For Changeable Weather?

The most difficult thing about preparing for extreme weather conditions is not what you’d expect – finding heavy duty oilskins and wet weather gear that’s tough enough for the job. Actually, the biggest challenge for professional fishing and agriculture crews is preparing for changes in the weather. Preparing for absolutely anything Out at sea, in […]

A guide to choosing a watch for fishing…

A reliable watch with multiple features is not only useful for fishermen and anglers, in certain situations it could be a life saver. When choosing a watch there are a few features to consider other than just telling the time. Your watch could easily get bashed against a rock or boat hull, so mechanical resistance […]

Matrix Horizon XD Feeders

These new feeders from Matrix are sure to gain a following among anglers who fish venues where accurate casting at long distances is important. Designed with a tapered weight forward front to cut into the wind, they come in Small and Medium sizes from 20-50gr – expect to pay about £2.75 Features Dual moulded design […]

Preston KKM-B Mag Store Pre-Tied Hair Rigs

The new KKM-B Mag Store System Rigs from the Preston Innovations stable are tied to precise specifications to create rigs suitable for all anglers and facilitate for a very easy storage system. The fully loaded rig stick can be taken straight out of the packaging and placed into the correct sized Mag Store System Box. […]

Preston World Champion Cooler Bag

The way the weather is in this summer of 2018, we all need good cooler bags and chillers to keep whatever bait we are using fresh and alive. The new World Champion Team Feeder Cool Bag from the Preston Innovations stable fits the bill. It is constructed from the highest quality EVA available and features […]

Garboline Fluoro Power

Garboline Fluoro Power is a high quality, super strong Japanese mono which has been fluorocoated for extra durability and invisibility. It’s also exceptionally supple and flexible, but also really tough and durable. Being highly resistant to abrasion and shot damage Garboline Super Fluoro is the ideal rig line and hooklength material for float, feeder and […]

Revalution Hooklength storage

Preston Innovations have introduced an alternative to hooklength retaining boxes with the Revalution Storage system which utilises EVA spools and a rotating plastic pin to keep things in place and add a new slant to spool hooklength storage. You get 21 spools in the clip-seal box which has a semi-transparent lid. You can mark both […]

Preston Innovations Inline Olivettes

Preston Innovations Inline Olivettes Olivettes are nothing new; in fact, they’ve been used for shotting pole floats for many years now. However, large-capacity inline models aren’t so common, so these from Preston should be well suited to anglers who regularly fish big floats. You get three in a pack and sizes range from 0.3g through to […]

Maver Definition 14.5m pole

Manufactured from Hi-tensile 40 high modulus carbon. Featuring patented Sun Core finish, Teflon joints, Magic Steps and Fusion technology complete with an impressive kit package. Italian production at its very best featuring all the patented technology of the Maver Reglass models. The Definition series have banded and slotted power kits as standard and all power […]