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How To Tie A Shock Leader Knot

Step-by-step guide on how to tie to a shock leader knot. Why Use A Shockleader? Using a shockleader is very important where any sort of power casting is involved. As a general rule, sea anglers allow 10lb of breaking strain leader for every ounce of lead they are casting but the shock leader also has it’s place in coarse fishing […]

Leader Knot

How To Tie The Leader Knot   Step-1……First tie an overhand knot in your shockleader. Step-2……Thread the main line through the overhand knot. Step-3……Use a pair of pliers to now pull the knot tight. Step-4……Pull about eight inches of the main line through the knot. Step-5……Cut off the line that has been damaged by the […]

Knotless Knot

How To Tie A Knotless Knot Snake-Bite is Simon’s first choice hook link, whether fishing for 50-pounders at Yateley or 10-pounders at Roost Hole! Peel a length of Snake-Bite off the spool like this. You need to peel off around 16 inches in total. Thread on a hook. Simon uses the Continental Boilie hook because […]