Angling in the UK has undergone a rise in popularity in recent years and almost 20 per cent of the population enjoys a spot of freshwater fishing. The popularity of this sport has been taken seriously enough by the holiday industry to open a number of fishing holiday parks in the UK.

If you are looking for an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and for which you don’t need to have complicated or expensive equipment, then grab your fishing rods and head out to some of the most picturesque fishing spots of Britain.

Angling is an official sport but it doesn’t rely heavily on specialist skills. You also don’t need to have a particular level of fitness to enjoy fishing, which means that members of the whole family, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy casting into the water to see what happens.

Fishing is also a fairly inexpensive hobby; a reel-less rod, line, hooks, weights and bait should not set you back more than £30. If you are over the age of 12 you will need a rod fishing licence, which can be purchased from the Post Office for as little as £3.75 for a short-term licence.

One of the bonuses of living on an island is that there is no shortage of reservoirs, lakes and rivers from which to cast off and enjoy a day’s fishing. The rise in popularity of family fishing holidays means that you can also enjoy this activity in some of the most scenic parts of the UK.

Cornwall has long been a favourite UK holiday spot thanks to its sandy beaches and high levels of sunshine. It’s now a popular destination for family fishing holidays and the accommodation on offer includes luxury cottages, caravans and picturesque lodges.

Holiday parks in Cornwall, such as White Acres, offer numerous pleasure and specimen lakes with waters of various depths suitable for beginners and seasoned anglers. Tuition is provided if required and there are plenty of weekly matches for the residents to enjoy.

Devon is another beautiful part of the country and the peaceful countryside and numerous lakes make this a prime fishing location. Family villas are available and there are more than 30 magnificent lakes in which to try your luck.

Fishing holidays are not all about catching the Golden Tench, Blue Orf or Grass Carp as there are plenty of activities away from the lakes. Other attractions to keep the entire family happy in Devon can include lounging on the sunny beaches, exploring adventure parks, visiting aquariums, horse riding and playing golf.

A fishing holiday in the UK can lead to a new hobby that the entire family can enjoy all-year-round, and if it’s a success, why plan a fishing holiday abroad next year?        

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