Holmedale Lake Sunday 13/11/05


21 fished


1st         Neil Walters Forest Town peg 33, 35-6-0


2nd        Jason Thomas Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 50, 32-12-0


3rd    Neil Wilkinson Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 25, 25-8-0


4th    John Woodland Sensas Mansfield Angling peg 38, 15-6-0


5th                  Jim Strachan Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 53, 14-15-0  


6th         Jason Singlehurst Peg One Angling peg 28, 11-2-0


A very cold start  and the maggots and worms were out for the first time, but Neil stuck it out on meat and corn landing only 5 carp out of the 10 he hooked his biggest fish went just over 10lb to win his first ever match. 2nd placed and regular in the frame Jason fished pole maggot and meat on 2 lines for a mixed net of roach skimmers and carp – 6lb. 3rd placed Neil fished the pole and worm for a net of fish similar to Jasons. 



Winter league

Cavendish and Maunside lakes

Saturday 12/11/05


Round 5


24 fished


1st John Eaves Gateford Angling Centre peg 5, Maunside 52-6-0


2nd Jim Sracken Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 8, Cavendish 22-9-0


3rd Jason Thomas Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 11, Cavendish 20-15-0


4th Roy Butterfield Worksop & District AA peg 1, Cavendish 20-1-0


5th Paul Batty Featherstone Farmers peg 2, Maunside 18-0-0


6th Carl Brown CB Home Improvements peg 7, Maunside 17-13-0


A run away victory for John on this cold morning were most anglers struggled till the afternoon, fishing pole and bronze maggot over to the far bank loose feeding half a dozen maggots every put in he had a net of chub – lb plus 5 carp – 2lb. Best on the Cavendish and good enough for 2nd Jim fished pole and corn over pellet for a late run of skimmers – 2lb ending with 18    


League after 5 rounds

Paul Hodgkinson 8 points

Jason Thomas, 9 points

John Woodland 10 points



Holmedale Lake, Wednesday Fun league open 9/11/05

23 fished


1st         Geoff Bennett Peg One BCUK peg 33, 61-12-0


2nd        John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 28, 52-4-0


3rd         Carl Brown CB Home Improvements peg 24, 49-15-0


4th         Craig Brazier Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 26, 36-6-0


5th                  Dave Madin Mossella Ultimate Anglers peg 17, 25-6-0


6th         Rob Ward Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 8, 23-9-0


Geoff finally made it to the top spot on this lake having mastered the other lakes, but he didn’t have it all his own way, John fishing opposite fished pole and corn down the margin for 9 carp – 7lb but didn’t catch in the last hour when Geoff added 5 fish to his total finishing with 11 carp – 10lb on pole and pellet fished out at 12m and down the margin. The man with the most carp was 3rd placed Carl fishing g/bait feeder and meat to the lily pads he caught all day ending with 21 fish – 3lb


League with 4 weeks left


Dave Madin 38 points

Carl Brown 31   

Neil Wilkinson 29  


Next weeks match draw is at 9am at the cabin













Cavendish Lake Tuesday Open 8/11/05


17 fished


1st Lee Payling Peg One Angling Centre Peg 12, 62-10-0


2nd Geoff Bennett Peg One BCUK peg 6, 42-6-0


3rd John Wooff Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 1, 32-0-0


4th Neil Wilkinson Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 3, 26-10-0


5th Jim Strachan Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 17, 25-1-0


6th John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 4, 24-10-0


 The forecasted bad weather didn’t arrive, and the anglers that turned up were treated to a fantastic match as the carp and the bream went on a feeding spree. In 1st place Lee from Pinxton, Nott’s. fished pole and pellet at 14m for 15 bream – 2lb then the carp moved in having 12 – 6lb but he could only get bites on the light bream tackle. 2nd place Geoff from Mansfield fished pole and pellet short at 6m he had a net of skimmers and bream – 3lb plus 2 carp the biggest being 5lb. Fishery bailiff in 3rd place John had a mixed net of skimmers and roach on pole and pellet and 7 carp from down the side on sweet corn


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