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Daiwa D-Tatch Accessory Arms

These Accessory Arms are designed for versatility and convenience, and capable of use on square and round legs. Simply locate the carrier attachment where it suits you and, when required, apply the accessory straight on, securing it with a lever lock. The Daiwa collection of seat box accessories ensures a tidy and organized fishing station […]

Angling Trust and Daiwa announce major partnership to protect the environment and inspire a new generation of anglers

The Angling Trust is delighted to announce that world famous tackle manufacturer Daiwa has become a Trade Associate member. The agreement will see Daiwa play an active role in supporting the work of the Trust to protect waterways and the environment and promote angling to encourage more people to take up fishing. In welcoming the […]

Daiwa Hydrolastic Lubricant

Daiwa says it has developed this new lubricant specifically for Hydrolastic. A blended silicone lubricant, during testing their experts say it improved the further the elastic travelled to deliver ‘consistent stretch and smooth fish control’. Supplied in 200ml pump spray bottle and slso suitable as a line floatant. Expect to pay around £8.99. RETAILER LINKS […]