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Fifteen weights over the ton as Simon Foster takes Decoy Lakes Maver Match This qualifier

After a short break in proceedings, the 2018 Maver Mega Match This qualifier campaign resumed at the prolific Decoy Lakes complex in Peterborough. One hundred anglers were in attendance, all hopeful of securing position number seventeen in this year’s Grand Final at Maver Hayfield Lakes. Despite slightly cooler conditions and a light breeze making things […]

Maver Definition 14.5m pole

Manufactured from Hi-tensile 40 high modulus carbon. Featuring patented Sun Core finish, Teflon joints, Magic Steps and Fusion technology complete with an impressive kit package. Italian production at its very best featuring all the patented technology of the Maver Reglass models. The Definition series have banded and slotted power kits as standard and all power […]