Sunday 1st May 2011 League/open
Conditions:- Sunny, ambient temp 13 deg,  humidity 94%, wind ENE 5 then swung E 11 mph,  barometer 1017.6 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp DROPPED 12.2 DEG, DO 8.4, PH 7.15, MV6
1st John Foster 63lb peg 16aa
2nd Peter Wadge 61lb 11oz peg 33
3rd Chris Gowling 60lb 3oz peg 24
Section 1 Tony Watson 48lb 11oz peg 2
Section 2 Peter Smith 46lb 15oz peg 42
Section 3 Andy Nelson 39lb peg 30
Saturday 30th April 2011 open Bowes
Conditions:- Fair, ambient temp 12 deg, humidity 75%, Wind N 12mph gusting to 20 mph,  barometer 1019.5 mb,  moon phase waning crescent, DO 8.7, Water temp dropped to 12.9 deg, PH  7.47, MV 29
1st Dave Jackson 57lb peg 22
2nd Neil Brown 44lb 11 oz peg 10 went over silver net by 9lb 2oz
3rd Graham Skirrey 43lb 7oz peg 40
4th Dave Hodgson 39lb 15oz peg 2
5th Tommy Marshal 36lb peg 25
6th Chris Owers 32lb peg 36
Saturday 30th April 2011 Angel Juniors Open Lookout,
Conditions:- Fair, ambient temp 12 deg, humidity 75%, Wind N 12mph gusting to 20 mph,  barometer 1019.5 mb,  moon phase waning crescent, DO 8.1, Water temp dropped to 12.8 deg, PH  7.33, MV 19
1st Jonathan Maven 30lb 4oz peg 1
2nd Martin Lewins 25lb 2oz peg 15
3rd Conner Ross 18lb 13oz peg 5
4th James Wilson 17lb 10oz peg 3
5th Robert Middleton 12lb 2oz peg 9
6th Jordan Ware 4lb 8oz peg 11
Well done everyone wind was tough straight in face,
 Friday 29th April 2011 open lookout
Conditions:- Fair, ambient temp 12 deg, humidity 85%, wind NE 12 mph gusting to 20 mph,  barometer 1019.4 mb, moon phase waning crescent,  water temp 13.2, DO 8.1, PH 7.33, MV19
1st Graham Skirrey 59lb 10oz peg 25
2nd Eddy Brydon 55lb 6oz peg 42
3rd Andy Nelson 53lb 1oz peg 38
4th Anth Richardson 48lb 10oz peg 9
5th Andy Dagg 38lb 1oz peg 3
6th Steve Mc Court 38lb peg15                                                                                                                                                                      
Wednesday 27th April 2011 open Bowes
Conditions:- Cold overnight dropped to 1 deg, Cloudy,  ambient temp 10 deg,  humidity 93%, Wind NNE 7mph, barometer 1030.1 mb (high) , moon phase waning crescent,
1st Neil Brown 76lb 3oz peg 40 inc GP
2nd Alan Mc Guire 54lb 3oz peg 4
3rd Mark Wilson 46lb 15oz peg 21
4th Rob Emmery 44lb 11oz peg 2
5th Ricky Bennett 43lb 8oz peg 1
6th Anth Richardson 35lb 11oz peg 10
All Lakes are fishing excellently with Pellet Waggler fishing brill, Margins fishing very well, pole at only top 3 fishing stunning or go out to 13 metres feed well with angel pellets or maggots, copped worm, with some groundbait
use banded 10mm angel pellet on hook, or multiple maggot, soft hookers or worm tiped with caster or sweetcorn for a good cocktail will be rewarded with allmost fish a chuck

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