Author: geepster

Former editor of many a fishing magazine, owner of and MD of a pest control company!!

Heavy Duty Oilskins Or Lightweight With Layering – What’s The Best Solution For Changeable Weather?

The most difficult thing about preparing for extreme weather conditions is not what you’d expect – finding heavy duty oilskins and wet weather gear that’s tough enough for the job. Actually, the biggest challenge for professional fishing and agriculture crews is preparing for changes in the weather. Preparing for absolutely anything Out at sea, in […]

Suspension by Natural England of the general shooting licence – Angling Trust questions if Natural England is ‘fit for purpose’

Following yesterday’s meeting between senior representatives of the Angling Trust and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the Trust has endorsed the concerns expressed by shooting, farming and countryside organisations at the chaos caused by Natural England’s premature and ill-thought out decision to suspend the general shooting licence used to control ‘pest species’ […]