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Former editor of many a fishing magazine, owner of and MD of a pest control company!!

Preston Banded Hair Rig Sticks

These Ready Rigs are constructed from the highest quality materials, and tied to precise specifications to create rigs suitable for all anglers. The fully loaded Rig Stick can be taken straight out of the packaging and placed into the correct sized Mag Store System box. Each pack contains 8 hand tied rigs which are stored […]

Daiwa D-Tatch Accessory Arms

These Accessory Arms are designed for versatility and convenience, and capable of use on square and round legs. Simply locate the carrier attachment where it suits you and, when required, apply the accessory straight on, securing it with a lever lock. The Daiwa collection of seat box accessories ensures a tidy and organized fishing station […]

NuFish Hooded Side Tray

It’s rarely perfect fishing weather is it? Especially in the UK. Too wet, too windy, even (very occasionally) too hot. Soggy groundbaits or pellets ruin things as much as maggots climbing out all over your kit, casters turning into floaters or groundbait drying out. The NuFish 6040 Tray comes with a hood that allows you […]

New Pellet Wagglers from Matrix

Unique ultra-durable aerated plastic body High visibility moulded flighted cap Brass weighted base, no additional shot required Built in X-Strong swivel for easy and secure attachment Available in 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g

Barbel Society call for otter cull ‘ill considered’ and downright dangerous’ – Angling Trust

The Barbel Society Officers have recently launched a petition on the government website calling for the removal of the current legal protected status of otters. This follows on from their 2018 petition calling for ‘non-lethal controls’ which was comprehensively rejected by the government. The Angling Trust has been asked to respond and the following statement […]

Angling Trust reacts to death of Prince Philip, a lifelong angler…

A passionate advocate for wildlife and the environment, Prince Philip was patron of Fish Legal since its formation in 2009 and for many years beforehand was patron of the Anglers’ Conservation Association, being highly supportive of its aims to protect waters from pollution and other damage. In 1998, on the celebration of the ACA’s 50th […]