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Garboline Fluoro Power

Garboline Fluoro Power is a high quality, super strong Japanese mono which has been fluorocoated for extra durability and invisibility. It’s also exceptionally supple and flexible, but also really tough and durable. Being highly resistant to abrasion and shot damage Garboline Super Fluoro is the ideal rig line and hooklength material for float, feeder and […]

Revalution Hooklength storage

Preston Innovations have introduced an alternative to hooklength retaining boxes with the Revalution Storage system which utilises EVA spools and a rotating plastic pin to keep things in place and add a new slant to spool hooklength storage. You get 21 spools in the clip-seal box which has a semi-transparent lid. You can mark both […]

Fifteen weights over the ton as Simon Foster takes Decoy Lakes Maver Match This qualifier

After a short break in proceedings, the 2018 Maver Mega Match This qualifier campaign resumed at the prolific Decoy Lakes complex in Peterborough. One hundred anglers were in attendance, all hopeful of securing position number seventeen in this year’s Grand Final at Maver Hayfield Lakes. Despite slightly cooler conditions and a light breeze making things […]

Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachments

Drennan have introduced a new make of pellet waggler attachment which includes three elongated rubber float stops below the float to prevent sliding on the cast. The float itself is attached using a simple swivel clip with five of the waggler attachments in each packet. The wire loop allows for very easy attachment to the […]