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England’s Steve Hemingray placed on top of the world by Italian match fishing study

Anglers Mail recently voted Alan Scotthorne as Britain’s best ever match angler; however an Italian table published this week places Drennan England’s relative newcomer Steve Hemingray at the summit of the world’s matchmen. The study compiled results in World Championship matches over the last five years, which has seen Steve score an average section result […]

Coco The Crab from Westin Fishing

The product to most catch the eye here at this week is Westin Fishing’s new Coco The Crab lure. Very lifelike, and measuring about 2cm across, the patter is made from a 3D scan of the real thing and is the result of extensive research into how crab’s swim, and how predatory fish take […]

Campaign to ban treble hooks….

A campaign has been launched in the UK to ban multiple hooks and in particular trebles from all disciplines of angling. The founder of is a life-long angler and strong believer in catch and release, and is looking for the tackle companies to back the movement with a phased in approach that would see treble […]

RIP Rigger From Storm Lures

The R.I.P. RIGGER is a screw-in system that fits perfectly to most 6”-8” soft bait. All you do is size up your lure of choice, cut the head off your soft bait at the correct angle and screw it onto the R.I.P. Rigger. Leave the VMC treble hook rig either free hanging; or hook the back treble into […]

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