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STARLETS VETS (LITTLE GEARYS/GEARYS/SIBLINGS) 1. Brian Overton (Packington) 76 – 4 Peg 5 LITTLE GEARYS Carp & F1s on Pellet Feeder 2. Derek Hartshorn (Swann Baits) 74 – 6 3. Phil Hull (Tusses Tackle) 64 – 7 4. Keith Deaner (Smithys) 64 – 0 MAYPOLE AC (GEARYS) 1. Colin Geens 157 -12 Peg 17 Carp […]

Anglian Water trout fishing July 31st, 2017: Lots of big brown trout showing at Rutland Water

Week ending 30 July 2017   Nail biting finish at Grafham Water in Anglian Water Airflo International Midlands final With just one ounce separating third and fourth placed teams the Renegades made it through to the International final at Rutland with Draycote Rio Masters taking fourth place Numerous Brown trout nudging the 6lb mark at […]

Fisheries Enforcement Support Service and UK National Wildlife Crime Unit sign Information Sharing Agreement

Pic: Helen Bulmer of the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit and Fisheries Enforcement Support Service Intelligence Manager Gary Thomas, with the newly signed Intelligence Sharing Agreement The Angling Trust has signed an important Information Sharing Agreement with the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit, setting out the framework and protocols for the sharing of information and […]