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Angling Trust launches ‘Fishing for Good’ 5-year plan

The Angling Trust has launched its vision for fishing and the environment in its five-year strategic plan, Fishing for Good 2023-28. Through the pillars of campaigning, participation, competitions and supporting grass roots clubs and fisheries, the report outlines how the Angling Trust will play a leading role in achieving key goals that will enrich and […]

Angling Trust: ‘Fish kills: Let’s be clear – they are not natural and not inevitable…’

A little spell of hot weather with some thunderstorms, some of which are locally heavy. The result? A spike in fish kills across our rivers and the loss of many thousands of magnificent and highly prized fish. In the past few weeks, the North West of England has been particularly badly affected, but we have […]

International Game Fish Association Launches Pioneering Billfish Research and Conservation Endowment Campaign

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA), a global leader in game fish conservation, is proud to announce the launch of its Billfish Research and Conservation Endowment Campaign, an ambitious initiative focused on ensuring the future of these iconic species. The unparalleled initiative will provide long-term funding solutions that support studies that augment data on billfish […]

England’s first national Marine and Coastal Wildlife Code launches to help people enjoy the coast responsibly

• First national Marine and Coastal Wildlife Code launches in England to help protect animals and habitats • The code encourages those visiting our unique coastlines to do so in a way which also protects our marine wildlife such as seals, seabirds and dolphins • The code was developed in collaboration with Whale and Dolphin […]

How is your rod licence money spent?

The Environment Agency (EA) has released its Fisheries Annual Report for 21/22 which details how and where fishing licence income is spent. During the financial year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 the EA sold 934,760 fishing licences which generated an income of £21,854,093. So how has this income helped promote fishing? The report […]

Environment Agency warns of threat of Prussian carp and other non-native species in UK waters

• Environment Agency’s National Fisheries Laboratory carries out crucial work to curb threats from Prussian carp in UK waters • Investigations have also detected new non-native fish species known commonly as ‘ginbuna’ and ‘nigorobuna’ in a limited number of waters in the south of England • Environment Agency urges anglers to report any potential sightings […]

England Under 21 Match Angling Squad Selected for River Sorraia World Youth Championships, Portugal

Angling Trust Team England U20 manager Jason Kirk has named his squad for this year’s World Youth Championships following an action-packed assessment day at Barston Lakes on Sunday May 7, 2023. Fourteen anglers between the age of 15 and 20 were selected to attend the session on the main lake at the Midlands’ complex and […]

Angling Trust and Environment Agency reopen fund to help control invasive species and increase biosecurity

The Angling Improvement Fund (AIF) reopens on Friday, 14 April, for funding towards projects involved in tackling the spread of invasive non-native species and measures to increase biosecurity at angling venues. The AIF is administered by the Angling Trust and is just one of the ways the Environment Agency is reinvesting income from fishing licence […]

Angling Trust: Government Water Plan will fall short without money for enforcement against polluters

The Angling Trust has welcomed the publication of the Government’s Plan for Water but warned that it will fall short without a reversal of the decade long programme of cuts to the Environment Agency’s enforcement and pollution control budgets. The Plan for Water which was launched today (April 4) contains mix of commitments, plans and […]