Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Saturday)
Moat  (36 pegs)

1 M Williams, Daiwa Hallcroft, 74-10-0; peg outer 24 Martin Williams, outer peg 24, improved on his yesterday’s place by winning today’s Open with 74-10-0 alternating pellet waggler and pole up in the water to take carp to 6lb.

2 L Hewison, Leegem, 59-6-0; peg island 29 Second was Lee Hewison who fished meat up in the water from island 29 for 59-6-0 of carp and skimmers.

3 E Pickering, Daiwa Dons, 54-10-0; peg island 16 Emma Pickering also fished shallow for 54-10-0

4 S Masson, Maver, 51-12-0;
5 N Winters, Hallcroft, 44-10-0;

6 N Speed, Dynamite Baits, 40-12-0                  

Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Sunday)
Moat  (32 pegs)

1 N Speed, Dynamite Baits, 93-10-0; peg island 4 Another Sunday win for Nick Speed with 93-10-0 of carp to 6lb from island peg
4 fishing meat up in the water at 13m.

2 S Shepherd, Worksop, 66-8-0; peg island 28 Steve Shepherd opted for similar tactics and landed mostly carp to 5lb for 66-8-0

3 A Higginbottom, Worksop, 61-6-0; peg outer 15 Ade Higginbottom also fished shallow with pole and pellet for 61-6-0

4 M Sillman, Barnsley Blacks, 60-15-0;

5 D Oldham, Hallcroft, 58-14-0
6 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 48-14-0                           

Leegem Series Round 6 (Sunday)
Moat  (50 pegs)

1 C Saddler, Leegem, 75-15-0; peg outer 60 Chris Saddler fished pellet shallow from peg 60 on the outer to catch mostly carp for  75-15-0 and the win

2 A Tait, Leegem, 67-9-0; peg outer 98
Alan Tait on outer 98 also fished shallow but with meat for 67-9-0

3 D Fantom, Leegem, 67-8-0; peg outer 72 Dave Fantom was a very close third with 67-8-0 caught again shallow with pellet.

4 N Vernon, Crooked Billety, 63-15-0; 

5 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle,60-7-0;

6 L Wright, Leegem, 58-15-0              

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Monday) Reed (13 Pegs)

1 P Morgan, Triana North, 72-8-0; peg 21 Phil Morgan, drawn on the pipes, was the winner of this Reed match weighing in 72-8-0 of carp to 8lb, skimmers and chub caught on pellet and corn.

2 G Bennett, Peg One, 54-0-0; peg outer 31 Geoff Bennett had all carp from peg 31 taken on pole and corn at 11m.

3 D Taylor, Daiwa Goldthorpe, 51-0-0; peg 9 Darren Taylor was third with 51-0-0 also all carp caught shallow on meat

4 G Brown, Daiwa Hallcroft, 47-10-0;

5 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 32-4-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Wednesday) Moat (20 pegs)

1 S Robbins, Leegem, 126-6-0; peg island 39 Steve Robbins recorded the highest weight this year on Moat with 126-6-0.
Fishing corn down the edge on peg 39 Steve took carp to 8lb for a comfortable win.

2 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 78-6-0; peg island 42 Second was Jamie Masson whose 78-6-0 included 42-0-0 of silverfish. Jamie fished pellet and meat shallow.

3 R Paterson, Richards Bedroom Supplies, 42-13-0; peg island 52 Richard Paterson was third with 42-13-0.

4 P Cross, Grimsby, 39-8-0;
5 M Pillay, BCUK, 32-10-0;
6 A Sellars,Bankside Tackle, 32-7-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League (Thursday) Moat (36 Pegs)

1 D Clegg, Britannia, 74-13-0; peg island 39 Dick Clegg on peg island 39 alternated between fishing pole and pellet at 11m and corn down the edge to take a good mixed net of carp and skimmers for 74-13-0

2 T Sears, Daiwa Hallcroft, 58-11-0; peg outer 34 Terry Sears caught 3 good carp early on the feeder with corn then switched to hair-rigged catmeat on the bomb for more carp.

3 J Hobson, Daiwa Hallcroft, 58-6-0; peg island 49 Jack Hobson fishing pole and catmeat at 8m was just 5oz off second spot with 58-6-0

4 J Simms, Leegem, 51-0-0;

5 D Sewell, Sutton, 47-8-0;

6 R Williams, Daiwa Hallcroft, 43-7-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Friday pm) Moat (37 Pegs)

1 D Smith, Lincoln Wisby, 89-8-0; peg outer 93 Dean Smith caught carp to 9lb and bream to 3lb fishing meat shallow from peg
93 on the outer for 89-8-0

2 A Higginbottom, Worksop, 84-2-0; peg outer 77 Ade Higginbottom fished similarly for carp to 8lb

3 S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, 74-0-0; peg outer 47 Steve Clark was third fishing feeder with meat and pellet to the middle

4 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 72-11-0;

5 M Hall, Sun Inn, 71-2-0;

6 P Nicholls, Daiwa Hallcroft, 67-1-0  


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