Dynamite Bait Festival

Day Three

Day three was another gloriously sunny day (there were quite a few rosy cheeked anglers in the pub last night and it wasn’t to do with beer), Day three has always been a bit of a make or break point of the festival where those not fairing as well need to up their game and those that are in the top spots need to stake a proper claim on their positions by bagging high section points. The lakes have all been fishing fairly evenly across the board and sections and points are being won and lost by ounces.

A section Gwinear

Gwinear has been on fine form this week providing some of the best weights we have seen from the lake in a while, the sections have been fishing fairly evenly and is generally holding up to the pressure of the festival. Dave Rudman took the lake win today with 173lb 7oz, Dave was on peg 31 and caught at 4 meters down the edge with worm on the hook and feeding casters. Second went to Gary Skeritt on peg 20, Gary fished meat shallow and worm & caster down the edge for a weight of 103lb. Ian Brown took third, Ian fished pellet shallow and meat at 5 meters giving him a weight of 82lb 12oz from peg 19. On peg 28 Neil Mckinnon had the next best weight with 84lb 8oz, Neil fished down the side towards the bridge with worm and also had 5 shallow.

Section Winners

Dave Rudman 9 points 173lb 7oz
Gary Skeritt 9 points 103lb
Steve Prowse 9 points 71lb 7oz
Wayne Mellings 9 points 56lb 4oz

B Section Porth

Porth is still fishing harder than expected with one section in the shadows making it cold and the water gin clear but the other sections are still producing consistent but lower weights. Ian Chadwick took the lake win today with 35lb 4oz; Ian was on peg 38 and caught on worms at 14.5 meters. Second with 22lb 5oz went to Steve Sanders on peg 87, Steve fished the pole with worm over groundbait.  On peg 73 Steve Cooke took third position, Steve caught on the feeder with worm for a weight of 22lb 4oz. Kieron Rich on peg 71 had the next best weight with 20lb 2oz, Kieron fished the pole with worms & casters with a bit of groundbait.

Section Winners

Ian Chadwick 9 points 35lb 4oz
Steve Ringer 9 points 22lb 5oz
Steve Cooke 9 points 22lb 4oz
Paul Cannon 9 points 7lb 12oz

C Section Bolingey

The weights coming from Bolingey are still amazing with another 9 ton plus weights being recorded today. We have had to take some spare keepnets down to the lake for those anglers that are sacking up and from the October festivals we shall be introducing a three net rule. On peg 27 Alex Murray took the lake win with 191lb 7oz, Alex didn’t bother going long on the pole as he was catching big fish down the edge on both sides with meat. Second went to Simon Fry on peg 12 with 144lb, Simon caught all his fish on the pellet waggler. Andy Geldart took third with 128lb 8oz; Andy fished at 14 meters shallow with pellet from peg 29. On peg 11 Scott Wilding had the next best weight with 118lb 9oz, Scott caught on the waggler across with pellet and on the pole at 5 meters with meat.

Section Winners

Alex Murray 9 points 191lb 7oz
Simon Fry 9 points 144lb
Andy Geldart 9 points 128lb 8oz
Wayne Rooke 9 points 95lb 15oz

D Section Pollawyn

Again it was another great days fishing on Pollawyn with pegs 19 & 20 once again dominating the big weights. The sections on the arms are all producing fair weights and it is becoming tighter each day for section points. The lake was won today by Ian Hudson on peg 19, Ian fished pellet on the waggler and on the straight lead to take the win with 116lb 2oz. Next door on peg 20 Dave Pimlott was narrowly beaten into second with 115lb 6oz, Dave fished meat on the bomb. Pemb Wrighting took third with 102lb 7oz; Pemb fished meat on the pole from peg 29. On peg 45 Paul Burton has the next best weight with 98lb 4oz, Paul fished pellet on the pole across to the island.

Section Winners

Ian Hudson 9 points 116lb 2oz
Paul Burton 9 points 98lb 4oz
Will Raison 9 points 91lb 11oz
George Crawford 9 points 89lb 14oz

E Section Twin Oaks/Nelsons/Acorn

Twin Oaks dominated the section today providing us with the top three weights but Acorn & Nelsons still saw some top weights and have fished great so far this week. The Lake winner today was Kerry Kirkwood on Twin Oaks peg 10, Kerry caught some his fish on the feeder with meat and the rest of his fish down the edge on corn for a weight of 132lb 6oz. Second on the lake went to our very own angling superstar Adam Wakelin with 108lb 12oz, Adz was on Twin Oaks peg 6 and caught on the waggler with pellet, pellet shallow on the pole and also down the edge on meat. Tom Burnell on peg 16 Twin Oaks was third with a weight of 104lb 2oz, Tom caught on the waggler and down the edge. The next best weight came from Clive Wynn on Acorn peg 14; Clive fished meat down the side for a weight of 101lb.

Section Winners

Kerry Kirkwood 9 points 132lb 6oz
Clive Wynn 9 points 101lb
Chris Chadwick 9 points 98lb 11oz
Neil Machin 9 points 79lb 4oz

So that was day three lets see how our top twenty looks…..

Overall Top Twenty

1st Gary Skeritt 26 points 247lb 5oz
2nd Simon Fry 26 points 217lb 15oz
3rd Andy Lloyd 26 points 134lb 11oz
4th Kerry Kirkwood 25 points 368lb 3oz
5th Will Raison 25 points 343lb 11oz
6th Rob Wootton 25 points 287lb 6oz
7th Andy Geldart 25 points 245lb 12oz
8th Dave Pimlott 25 points 216lb 12oz
9th Steve Ringer 25 points 197lb 11oz
10th Kieron Rich 25 points 176lb 14oz
11th Tommy Pickering 24 points 289lb 7oz
12th Dan Ashington 24 points 263lb 7oz
13th Phil Ringer 23 points 288lb 4oz
14th Danny Grimsey 23 points 253lb 10oz
15th Andy May 23 points 175lb 5oz
16th Andy Nelson 23 points 152lb 5oz
17th Wayne Rooke 23 points 139lb 5oz
18th Paul Cannon 23 points 110lb 14oz
19th John Chapman 22 points 257lb
20th Neil Machin 22 points 251lb

It is turning out to be a fairly odd festival as points and positions go as we have no one on maximum points and there have been so many shake ups in the top twenty that no one can predict what will happen now.

Can Gary, Simon or Andy keep hold of their slight advantage, please join us tomorrow for an update.

Cheers, Kirsty