29th June 2014 Sunday Open Match

Moat Island/Bridge Outer – 46 pegs

  • M Stainsby, Barnsley Bait Co.

Bridge Out 36


Another close match today with plenty of angler sin wth a shout. Mark Stainsby produced a great result from aa average area on Bridge. Mark caught caught using meat and corn to both margins to catch mainly carp in his winning net.

  • C Owen, Park Gate Angling

M Isl 16


Craig Owen caught carp on the pole, shallow at 12m on the pole and netted carp too 9lbs in his second place net.

  • P Wright, Leegem

Bridge Out 50


Phil Wright took third place fishing paste over pellets on the pole at 11m and netted carp and bream.

  • K Baxter, Mosborough

M Isl 12


  • J Powell, Park Gate Angling

M Isl 68


28th June 2014 Saturday Open Match

Bridge Island/Croft Pools – 16 pegs

  • K Talbot, Doncaster

C 25


A change of usual lakes made for a close match today. Ken Talbot caught carp and silvers using pellet and paste on the pole at 8m.

  • D Dare, Marukyu

B Isl 26


Dave Dare fished maggot and worms over groundbait to the margins to edged the close second spot today.

  • G Mumby, Team Frenzee

C 6


Gary Mumby took third spot with a nice mixed net of carp tench and skimmers caught using maggot and groundbait at 12m.

  • P Bagshaw, Team Frenzee

B Isl 6


  • S Clark, Mansfield

B Isl 10


  • R Walker, Rotherham

B Isl 16


27th June 2014 Friday PM Open Match

Moat Pool – 27 pegs

  • D Whiting, Button Hole AC

Isl 32


Dave Whiting blitzed the field today catching some decent sized carp in his ton plus net. Dave fished worms over pellets down the margins for a change and produced fish steadily all match.

  • M Hall, MAP Tuxford

Out 92


Mick Hall also caught well from the margins, but used corn and meat over groundbait to good effect to claim second place with another ton plus.

  • N Hirst, Leeds

Out 86


Neil Hirst fished paste on the pole at 6m and 10m to catch carp and bream for third place.

  • P Miles, Rotherham

Out 45


  • S Robbins, Leegem

Out 20


26th June 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Moat (37 Pegs)

  • A Crouch, Garbolino

Outer 8


Alan Crouch won this vets match from end peg 8 on moat outer.Alan fished meat and pellet shallow at 13m for a steady run of carp to 9lb

  • L Hewison, Hallcroft

Island 23


Lee Hewison also used shallow tacics for his 2nd place finish. Lee used banded 6mm pellet at 13m at 2ft deep for carp to 10lb

  • D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Outer 101


Dave Whiting fished worm over maggots at 13m for 5 carp and 25lb of skimmers

  • P Schoof, Hallcroft

Island 67


  • R Brooks, Sheffield

Outer 110


24th June 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft open

Moat Outer- 26 Pegs

  • A Tait, Packet Inn



Drawn in the favoured bowl area of moat pool aAlan Tait found carp feeding shallow for his 1st place finish. Alan used meat and banded pellet at 13m for carp well into double figures

  • G Leversidge, Maruky/Halkon Hunt



Gavin had to wait til late on for the fish to arrive in the margins for his 84lb. Gavin fed groundbait with dead maggots for 15 carp to 8lb

  • D Whiting, Buttonhole AC



Dave Whiting fished his usual worm approach at 13m for his mixed net of skimmers

  • J Masson, Marukyu/Colmic



  • M Hall, Map Tuxford



·         23rd June 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Bridge (21 Pegs)

    • A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

Outer 43


Andy Sellars opted to fish up in the water with waggler and pole for his latest win. Andy alternated meat and pellet feed for carp to 10lb

    • D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Island 4


Dave Whiting fished worm over dead maggot at 12m for a 50/50 split of carp and skimmer bream

    • M Cooke, Retford

Outer 36


Mick CXooke fished meat and pellet on long pole for carp and skimmers and 3rd place

    • D Sewell, James Maude AC

Outer 31


    • P Schoof, Hallcroft

Outer 41


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