30th March 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Bridge (16 Pegs)

•             D Sewell, The VOICE

Island 21


Dave Sewell continued his good form in this low weight affair on Bridge with 26lb. Dave fished pellet over pellet at 11m for 2 carp and skimmers

•             R Holmes, Notts AA

Island 26


Roger also used pellet to good effect catching mainly small carp for his 2nd place finish

•             D Farr, Hallcroft

Island 16


Dave Farr fished maggot and caster for his silver fish dominated net

•             C Yves, Chesterfield

Island 24


•             A Gilbourne, Hallcroft

Outer 26




5th April 2015 Leegem League rd 4

Moat (60 Pegs)

•             S Marshall, Leegem

Outer 24


Steve Marshall returned a stunning 175lb as the resident moat pool carp are slowly starting to feed. Steve fished waggler shallow with 6mm feed pellet for carp to 10lb

•             S Robbins, Hallcroft

Island 11


Steve Robbins alternated corn on short pole and corn down the margins for carp to 7lb

•             S Clark, Mansfield

Island 29


Steve Clark fished worms on short pole and maggots down the edge for 30lb of skimmers and 5 carp

•             G Mumby, Retford

Island 60


•             P Wright, Leegem

Island 17




5th April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Bridge (10 Pegs)

•             B Dales, Tuxford

Outer 6


Ben Dales won this small open on bridge from outer 6. Ben fished feeder with corn and pellet for carp and skimmers

•             L Manterfield, Sheffield

Outer 21


Lee Manterfield came 2nd from outer 21. Lee fished pellet at 6m for carp and skimmers

•             D Boswell, Hallcroft

Outer 26


Dave Boswell caught majority of his fish late on down the edge with corn

•             L Wolstenholme, Sheffield

Outer 11




4th April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (16 Pegs)

•             T Butt, Sheffield

Island 23


Tony Butt won this saturday open from moat island 23. Tony fished pellet on short pole and into the edge for carp to 10lb

•             S Clark, Mansfield

Island 15


Steve Clark fished pellet cone and pellet on short pole for his 6 carp and skimmer net

•             D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Island 26


Dave Whiting fished maggot over pellet and groundbait for carp and skimmers

•             G Gibson, Leegem

Island 33


•             G Mumby, Retford

Island 19




3rd April 2015 Good Friday Knock up

Moat Pool – 12 pegs

•             D Oldham, Leegem

Isl 14


Daz Oldham was the clear winner with a nice ton-plus net of carp. Daz fished pellet cone and then caught on pole and corn late on over feed pellets.

•             L Manterfield, Sheffield

Out 26


Lee Manterfield took second place with carp too 10lbs taken on feeder with corn and pole with pellets at 10m

•             D Dare, Mansfield

Isl 10


Dave Dare fished pole and maggot over groundbait to catch carp and skimmers for third place.

•             R Teigh, Handsworth

Isl 18


•             A Berisford, Leegem

Isl 73





2nd April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Moat (38 Pegs)

•             S Cooper, Mansfield

Outer 21


Stanley Cooper got his first win at the venue from moat outer 21. Stan fished waggler shallow with banded pellet for carp to 7lb

•             P Schoof, Wigan

Island 2


Paul Schoof came 2nd from moat island 2. He alternated paste and pellet to the marginal reeds for 8 carp

•             B Rance, Retford

Island 26


Barry Rance fished caster and pellet on short pole for skimmers to 2lb

•             S Richards, Mansfield

Island 34


•             A Berisford, Leegem

Island 10


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