Broadside for broadcaster from angling’s governing body after statement about sea anglers…

The Angling Trust would like to stress that sea angling is an integral part of the united, single representative body for ALL anglers. Keith Arthur’s recent article in Angling Times which suggested that sea anglers should be ‘kicked out’ of the Angling Trust is not the view of anyone who works for the organisation, or the volunteers who serve on its Board of Directors.
While Keith is a very helpful supporter of the Trust and has done more than most people to promote membership of the Angling Trust over the past two years, for which we are very grateful, he is not an official spokesman for the organisation. He is entitled to his opinion on this and other matters, but following several member enquiries about this issue we wish to make it absolutely clear that his views are not shared by anyone at the Angling Trust. We are committed to working for the benefit of all anglers, wherever they fish, and remain entirely united in this aim.

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