24 fished Willow Lake
Bob Walker    Peg    34
Weight    26lb
Bait    Red maggot
Fished    Straight lead
Caught    carp & perch
Bob comes from Luton
Mick Burge    Peg    28
Weight    16lb 8oz
Bait    Red maggot & caster
Fished    Feeder
Caught    carp & chub
Mick comes from St Neots
Michael Bolton    Peg    14
Weight    11lb 13oz
Bait    Red maggot
Fished    feeder
Caught    carp & chub
Michael comes from Melbourn
john King    Peg    26
Weight    8lb 3oz
Bait    Red maggot
Fished    quiver
Caught    carp & chub
John comes from Royston
Next weeks match will be held on Willow Lake

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