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Last week 116 rods caught 311 fish for an average of 2.68.
It has a busy week with the fishing pretty good for the most part.  There have been some cracking fish caught and the best fish was a 13lb 6oz caught from the bank of Cocks Close by Mr J Grayson of Balsall Common fishing a Bloodworm.  There was also a *10lb 7oz (first photograph) rainbow caught by Mr C J Potter of Coventry who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close and he took it on a Cats Whisker on an intermediate line.  Ian Simpkiss caught a *9lb 15oz rainbow (second photograph) also from a boat on Cocks Close and this came to a Gold Head Damsel on a floating line. 

The Packington Fly Fishers held their ‘fur and feather’ during the week and local rod Paul Brown from Little Packington caught five fish for 14lb 8oz to win the match.  Paul caught them all from a boat on Cocks Close and he used a mini Cats Whisker to tempt them.

The final figures for 2011 saw 5,306 rods catch 13,886 fish for an average of 2.61.

The new prices for 2012 are as follows: £29.50 (five fish ticket plus six catch and release), £21.50 (two fish ticket plus six catch and release), £21.50 (catch and release only ticket), concessions for senior citizen and juniors.     

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 Packington Somers trout catch
  Mr C J Potter – 10lb 7oz

Packington Somers trout catch

  Mr I Simpkiss  – 9lb 15oz

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