Season: Trout angling starts March 3rd and ends September 31st.

Contact: Sweets Tackle shop. Jean will supply you with a permit and inform you of good places to fish.

Tel: 01291 672552.

Cost: £12 per day for trout fishing.

Species present: Brown trout, sea trout, salmon, shad (in season), many coarse species, including good chub.

Average size of fish: Trout are around 12oz, but much larger wild and stocked fish are present. There is a bag limit of four trout – the association encourages the return of fish.

Wading: Chest waders are strictly prohibited, please use thigh waders only.

Popular flies: March Browns, Tups, olive adult and nymph imitations. The Usk experiences prolific fly hatches. Upstream dry fly tactics work well – especially for the larger trout in the evening.

Tackle: 9ft/10ft, 6-wt/7-wt modern rod. Floating lines for the majority of trout fishing. Use tapered leaders down to 2lb for the trout.

Total Flyfisher

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