There have been cats and carp galore over the past couple of weeks.  Here’s the latest report:
24.5.12  K Rudys (Lithuanian) Masters (1st visit) 25lb Cat on Meat
23.5.12  Mark Mole (B’ham) 14 Carp between 10lb & 18lb on floaters (day session)
22.5.12  Scott Owen (West Brom) Erics – 11.5lb Common & 19lb Mirror (half day session) on floaters
21.5.12  A Foster (W’ton) Masters – 42lb 6oz Cat on Meat
21.5.12  J Fell (B’ham) Masters – 3 Cats: 4llb 8oz 20lb & 14lb on pellets/meat
18.5.12  J Hudson (B’ham) Masters – 23 carp up to 23lb on pellets/boilies
14.5.12  I Savin (B’ham) Masters – 22lb Cat + 32lb 10oz Cat (Albino) on Meat/Pellets
13.5.12  M Poole (Kidderminster) Masters – 28lb Cat on pellets
13.5.12  C Flaherty (Walsall) Masters 5 Carp upto 24lb on squid boilies
13.5.12  A Hyrons (Kidderminster) Masters 17lb Cat on Meat
12.5.12  E Broadfield (West Brom) – Erics 14lb Common 15lb Mirror & 20lb Cat on Meat
12.5.12  J Childe (Kidderminster) – Erics his first Cat: 49lb 8z on Meat
12.5.12  C Woods (Manchester) Masters – 2 Cats : 26.5lb & 35lb on Meat
11.5.12  D Barny (Haledowen) Masters – 19lb Cat
  6.5.12  D Percival (Halesowen) Masters – 25lb Cat
  6.5.12  J Lojko (Bewdley) Masters – 21lb 4oz Mirror using KG1 Boilies
14.5.12 – Mark Mole – Stuarts Lake – 30lb 2oz Cat + 7 carp up to 20lb 2oz on Meat
12.5.12 – Neil Ricketts – Stuarts Lake – 18lb Cat on Meat

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