HE’s sadly gone, but he’s not forgotten – read the Jan Porter Special in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

He’s pictured on the Angler’s Mail cover and inside you’ll find top tips from Jan Porter and insight into the great man, plus anglers own tributes.

On The Bank gets a close up look at dayglo pellets into action.

Bob Nudd joins our The Specialists series to explain some of his greatest tactics.

Also this week, Angler’s Mail exclusively includes:

  •        News of a rod licence price hike
  •        Biggest bream of year
  •        Virus to be used to cull carp
  •        How a loophole in lure laws could give you a new opportunity
  •        Steve Collett catching a really simple way
  •        Where To Fish This Week, including a special bigger report from one of our genuine local experts
  •        Secret Lives of fish looks into the sex of carp
  •        How to catch tench now, with Andy Browne
  •        An essential guide to worms
  •        New Gear, Angling Answers, John Bailey and so much more!

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