Catch and Match Report for Angel Lakes 11th March 2007

Despite inclement weather conditions and some very gusty winds all lakes are fishing well,  fish now turned on to feeding and water temperatures are creeping up,  Considering it is early March the sport of catching fish at Angel is excellent.

Lookout mixed coarse Lake

Fishing very well with fish feeding patterns  being early morning, and after 3pm. Really good numbers of carp being taken from the margins e.g. 3ft from bank,

Ghost and koi also coming out in good numbers, Some excellent numbers of skimmers & Bream to 3lb 3oz, also Rudd, Roach, Perch,  Ide, Golden and Blue Orfe, Tench to 5lb and Golden Tench to 2lb 8oz,     

Saturdays match was hampered by very heavy gusting winds but all anglers still produced some good catches total weight for 15 anglers was 243lb 6oz.

Best pegs 1, 2, 24, 25, 40. best baits maggot, small cubes of luncheon meat, caster and sweetcorn, hookable pellets also now coming on well, feed over angel pellets to get the fish attracted to your swim.

Bowes Carp Lake

Carp moving well and being caught on all pegs, some excellent numbers being caught in margins,  Chris Abbott on Saturday had a great day on Bowes Carp Lakes with in excess of 60 Carp with some good size fish being taken, and again on Sunday Chris took in excess of 65 carp.  Best Carp out this week was Norman Haig from the boarders was 21lb 6oz.

Best baits Hookable flavoured expander pellets  and angel expander pellets are doing very well, maggot, worm, and small cubes of luncheon meat, best feed angel pellets sinking and maggots.

Best pegs are 39, 1, 2, 3, 16, 17, this does depend on wind direction.

Bassetts mixed coarse

Fishing is at fish a chuck since the bigger carp, crucians and tench were taken out and moved to Lookout,  Ide, Rudd, Golden rudd,  Roach, carp, tench and golden tench all being caught in good numbers.

Gary Horseman from Blyth after 15 years of trying, fulfilled a life time ambition of catching a Golden Tench, and ended up with nine on Sunday in Bassetts pond to 1lb 8oz, (this is after we netted 200lb of bigger Golden Tench out and moved them to Lookout Lake).  Gary says  he has fished all over the North of England  to catch a Golden Tench and thinks Angel has the best tench in the North of England.

We had our first :- fishing birthday party with our angling coaches teaching,  and all the 7 year olds caught well on elasticated whips.

Mathew Livsey attended a free taster session 2 years ago at Angel Lakes during National Fishing Week, when he was 5 yrs old and has never stopped telling his parents he wanted to learn to fish, so his 7th birthday present is a course of  angling lessons  at Angel Lakes, and his fishing birthday party.

Angling Coaching starts Saturday 24th March for Groups also Sunday 25th March and one to one is still every week day for beginners, sea and game anglers.

We do not want to offend however no beginners, sea or game anglers can go onto the lakes fishing until they have been with one of our Angling Coaches.

Saturday 10th March 2007 Open Match Results on Lookout Lake.

Overcast , calm then rising to gusting WSW 35 mph by mid day, ambient temp 9 deg, humidity 76%, barometer 1026.1 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 6.1 to 5.9 deg, DO 11.5, PH 7.90  Was today’s setting.

1st Dave Foster AON  29lb 14oz peg 1 

2nd Ray Laing AON 19lb 12oz Peg 3 

3rd Mark Wilson  Shotton Metro Mail 15lb 15oz  Peg 2 

4th Mark Carling AON 14lb 3oz peg 13 

5th Lee Slater AON 13lb 15oz peg 7 

6th Dave Hudson AON 13lb 15oz peg 4

Dave fished pole into margins  used expander pellets  on hook, 16 Tubertini, the severe wind gusting spoiled presentation and therefore dropped catch rate. This still is a great weight for the weather conditions and time of year.