Angel of the North Fishing Lakes Match and Catch Report to 22nd July 07

Thank goodness, we built in 100-year flood systems in the lakes; we have kept water levels constant throughout this rain, and through the dry spells of spring.

Fishing is fantastic on all three lakes, Water temperatures have plummeted again, and then gone up then down again with all the rain, but despite this,. Carp again have been showing in good numbers to anglers who have used watercraft to work out their positions. Pole and tip have been favourable for best catches and float doing very well in margins, Ledgering for big carp not as successful as tip. Feed patterns and hook baits have been critical for large catches.

Lookout mixed coarse

Tench and Carp mirror, leather, commons and some stunning ghosties have been caught in great numbers. Crucians have been very prolific for a shy biter, perch being caught at fish a chuck at times. Rudd, Golden Rudd and Roach together with Ide, Orfe golden and blue also skimmers have been the caught in huge numbers for those targeting them.  Strangely, Bream to 7lb 2oz have been caught on anything on the hook.
Cracking pegs are 1, 12, 15, 16, 20, 42, 33, 28.
Best hook baits Fishmeal pellets, Special G soft hookers, mussel sweetcorn, halibut Jelletts, Maggot, worm, casters.
Best ground bait Special G, Expo, Feed pellets must be Angels own.

Bowes Carp

A couple of 50 lb plus weights in matches this week, with anglers loosing more fish than they have netted. Correct hooks and tackle critical to convert bites to catches, together with feed patterns and hook baits for big bags.  Smaller 2lb Carp fighting as if 10lb plus when caught, and if on rod the lumps like to go like the wind straight out, so careful with the clutch if on rod.
Last years home bread Angel Carp now at just under 1lb, with the previous years at 2lb, the stocked carp at 1lb now 2.5lb to 3lb, with the 4lb stocked hitting 8 to 10lb.

Lumps that came out this week are up to 24lb 7oz.

Get method and feed correct and some excellent bags to be had.

Depending on wind, best pegs are 1. 2, 5, 40. 35, 33,  16,18,  21, 24.
Best baits 10mm halibut soft hooker pellets, Special G and Fishmeal hookers, hair rigged essence of sweetcorn also strawberry pellets. Maggots still doing the business and worm topped with a castor as a cocktail.
Best groundbait Special G, Marine green, angels own feed pellets for feed.

Bassetts mixed coarse

Fishing excellently with some of the biggest fish we missed when we netted the lake in February coming out this week, which is sods law when you are coaching newcomers!
Many newcomers to the sport as part of National Fishing Week, which we have coaching taster sessions daily from 10 am to 2pm until 29th July. On Sunday 29th July we also have learn to fly fish sessions for carp and casting sessions.
Free Daiwa Reels or Fishing Whips and loads of other presents to anyone booking a hour session.

Match Scene

Sunday 22nd July Open Lookout

Overcast with showers, ambient temperature 11 deg, humidity 88%, wind WSW 3mph, barometer 1007.1mb falling, moon phase first quarter, Water Temp 15.6 to 15.8 deg dropped, PH 7.49,  DO 7.6, conductivity -48,
1st Dave Foster Angel 56lb 10oz peg 1
2nd Ray Laing Angel 52lb 7oz peg 2 
3rd, Peter Wilson 49lb 3oz peg 3 
4th Andrew Brown 44lb 3oz peg 12
5th Dave Hodgson Angel 39lb 11oz peg 42
6th Davy Renshaw 38lb 2oz peg 31

Dave caught at 6meters and in margins on pole, using pellet and some sweetcorn on hook, fed angel pellets.

Saturday 21st July 07 open

Light Rain, ambient temp 12 deg, humidity 88%, wind NNW 8mph, barometer 1011.9mb, moon phase waxing crescent, Water temperature 16.1, DO 7.79, PH 7.60

1st Dave Hodgson Angel 55lb 5oz peg 16
2nd Liam Shilling Angel Jnr 30lb 2oz  Angel Jnr peg 13
Rain, wet, wet, cold damp day with water temperature dropped yet again, Guess we are better of than other parts of the country.  Dave fished tip Island , then changed to pole @ 8meters, on pellets Van Den Eynde Special G soft hookers, also halibut soft hookers.  Hard on the bottom because of water tem drop.
Wednesday 18th July open
Overcast,  Ambient Temp 17 deg, Humidity 90%, Wind Calm to NNE 3mph, Barometer 1009.4mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 16.9  DO 8.1  PH 7.70
1st Ray Underwood Roff, 51lb 6oz, peg 40
2nd Keith Ainsley Angel 32lb 1oz peg 1
3rd Chris Owers FLT 18lb 12oz peg 3
4th Anthony Longstaff Angel Jnr 17lb 5oz peg 16

Ray fished tight in margins, using paste and changed to pellets, carp were up in the water. Everyone lost more fish than they caught.

Monday Eve Cost cutter Open 16th July 07

Sunny then overcast, ambient temp 18 deg,  Humidity 82%, wind Calm then  SW4mph, barometer 1009.2mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 17.8, DO 8.88, PH 7.60
1st Neil Brown 36lb 4oz peg 1
Neil lost more fish than he caught, which was the pattern with all the anglers last night 

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