Angel of the North Fishing Lakes Wednesday 25th October 2006

Ambient temp of 11 deg, overcast, humidity 93%, Barometer rising, 1005.1mb, Wind SSE1mph, moon phase waxing Crescent, Water temp varies from 11.3deg to 9.9 deg,  PH 7.64,  DO 5.7


1st Steve Kean AON 73lb 15oz peg 3 inc a common @ 11lb 14oz


2nd Dave Hudson AON 54lb 14oz peg 18 including a 6lb 08oz common


3rd Jimmy Kent  Oaks Sessay   52lb 2oz peg 13


4th Peter Wilson Shotton AC 49lb 4oz peg 1


5th Liam Shilling AON Junior Club 14years old!!! 31lb 7oz peg 5


6th  Andrew Brown Shotton AC 28lb 8oz  peg 25 including a 7lb 12oz common


Steve fished with 2 lines going with a Daiwa Whisker Pole, fished 9m KC Carpa 1 4×14, silk shock 0.14m line, B911 16 hook, feed 3mm Angel pellets, 4mm expander, black hydro

2nd line 11m line KC Carpa Porth 4×16, Silk Shock 0.12m Line, Tubertini 808 hook, 3mm pellet & maggot. Maggot on hook, grey hydro.