Saturday 3rd Feb 07 open Match Angel Lakes ‘Bowes’


Clear sky’s/ sunny, ambient temp 7 deg, overnight frost dropped the water temperature overnight , wind W 5mph, humidity 81%, Barometer 1038.9mb, water temp 5.7 to 5.5 deg, PH 7.75, DO 9.98. Moon Phase Full, 


1st   Dave Hudson AON 13lb 01oz peg 4

2nd Eddie Douglas AON 9lb 02oz peg 24

3rd N Carter Weatherby 3lb 14oz peg 22

4th Keith West AON 1lb 6oz peg 12

5th Brian Hall 1lb 4oz peg 16


Rest DWI

Dave used maggot & Sweetcorn on tip,


Next Saturdays open on Lookout Lake is now full. Please phone to put names down for future places,


 Names must be in by 5pm on Friday. Draw 9am fishing 10 until 3pm. Angel supplies Silver and Carp keep nets.


A very good week on Lakes up to frosts, however Lookout on Saturday and Sunday produced some stunning catches despite the severe frost.


Liam Shilling on Saturday one of Angels Juniors had 28 fish 25 carp, 2 tench and 1 Skimmers. On Sunday, he target Carp and had 50 Carp in a half-day session as it was the junior club afternoon workshop-well done Liam.


Anthony Longstaff an Angel Junior on Saturday had 31 fish, 4 carp, 2 golden tench, 1 roach, 1 Ide, 23 Skimmers great going Anthony.


Alex Burton another Angel Junior had 42 fish on Sunday, in a half day session Rudd, Roach, Bream, and Ide good lad Alex


Nearly all anglers had great catches considering the weather.