Sunday 20th Feb 2011  open /league Lookout
Conditions:- After snow from Saturday water temp dropped to 3.9 deg, Drizzle, ambient temp 4 deg, wind  3 mph rising to ESE 10mph, barometer 1015.9 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, PH 7.45, DO 11.9, mv 21
1st Rob Emmery 92lb 7oz peg 1 all carp
2nd Steve Mc Court 16lb 8oz peg 12 
3rd Chris Gowling 14lb 11oz peg 9
4th Keith West 13lb 11oz peg 5
5th Alan Mc Guire 13lb 10oz peg 38
6th Dave Pearson 12lb 15oz peg 3
Autumn League results
1st Chris Owers
2nd Tony Watson
Joint  3rd Jonathan Broadbent
Joint  3rd Neil Brown
Deposit for Spring League must be paid by Sunday 28th Feb
Sorry but just back from Sun and have no weather reports
Wed 16th Feb 2011 open Lookout  Ton up!!!
1st Alan Mc Guire 100lb 14oz peg 1  All Carp  well done Ton up Alan
2nd Graham Skirrey 33lb 11oz all silvers peg 23
3rd Ricky Bennett 31lb 02oz peg 25
4th Richard Wildman 26lb 2oz peg 30
5th Ray Wallace 19lb 7oz peg 15
Sunday 13th Feb 2011 open Lookout
1st Ricky Bennett 38lb 10oz peg 1 all carp
2nd Jonathan Broadbent 32lb 10oz peg 25
3rd Chris Owers 30lb 2oz peg 27
4th Chris Gowling 28lb 12oz peg 7
5th Dave Pearson 26lb 09oz peg 11
6th Peter Smith 20lb
Wed 9th Feb 2011 open Lookout
1st Lewie Mc Intosh 30lb 13oz peg 1
2nd Keith West 19lb 4oz peg 24
3rd Graham Skirrey 18lb 10oz peg 25
4th Ricky Bennett 15lb 15oz peg 27
5th Peter Smith 12lb 15oz peg 31
6th Alan Mc Guire 5lb 12oz peg 29
Sunday 6th Feb 2011 open Lookout
1st Dave Pearson 49lb 11oz peg 5
2nd Alan Mc Guire 28lb 1oz peg 32
3rd Ray Wallace 27lb 10oz peg 1
4th Chris Owers 26lb 14oz  peg 15
5th Peter Cairns 24lb 14oz peg 3
6th Graham Skirrey 22lb 4oz peg 42