Match & Catch 21st Feb 07


Angel of the North Fishing Lakes


Water temp rising to 6.7 deg on Wednesday, some excellent fish being caught including a 6-7lb Tench, and a great 5lb ghost carp, some good quantities of skimmers, carp, rudd, roach, perch and now tench coming out. Some stunning hot pegs over the winter are peg 1, 24, 25, 15, 43, 11.


Bassetts  is getting netted next week and fish are being transferred to Lookout, and new stocks being put in. At present some quality fish being caught with carp to 4lb, golden tench to 2lb 7oz, and mixed bags of silvers. Fish have just grown considerably in this pond. Hot winter pegs 4, 10, 11.





Some good numbers being caught with warmer water temps with a great 21lb 2oz coming out on a double maggot. Hot winter pegs 3, 23, 4, 24, 25, 2.


Best baits, sweetcorn, maggot, casters and worms,


Supercup 1st Round Saturday 17th Feb 2007 on Bowes Lake


1st Angel of the North

2nd Middlesbrough

3rd Weatherby

Best weight 22lb 0 oz Peg 23 Weatherby

Ambient Temp 7 C Water Temp 4.6 to 6.4° °C pH 7.88

Dissolved ox 13.3 ppm Pressure 1010.8mb Wind W1mph


Number of competitors: 24 in 3 teams 8 sections


Conditions:  Clear spells and overcast. Moon phase New Moon, Humidity 93%,

Match comments: Well done to Angel of the North Team for getting through to the next round. Hard lines to Weatherby and Middlesbrough.  Thank you for your sportsmanship -good day – excellent group of 3 teams of anglers,


Sunday 18th Feb 2007 Open  Match on Lookout Mixed coarse


Over night frost, dropped water temp to 4. 2 deg, Ambient Temp of 5 deg, overcast and sunny spells, Wind calm, then N 2mph (with chill factor), barometer 1020 mb dropping, moon phase New, humidity 93%, DO 13.1, H 7.74


16 anglers on the island

1st Dave Smiddy Shotton Metro Mail, 27lb 3 oz peg 1a.

2nd Steve Maitland Shotton Metro Mail 16lb 7oz peg 1.

3rd Dereck Fox Shotton Metro Mail 13lb 6oz peg 2.

4th Liam Shilling AON Jnr 11lb 09oz Peg 6 .This Jnr is doing very well.

5th Peter Wadge 9lb 4oz peg 7.

6th Brian Hall 7lb 5oz peg 5.

The island fished far better after the overnight frost on the left side, which is very unusual as the right side normally fishes better.


Matches continue on Lookout for next few weeks on Sat and Sunday and by the end of April Saturdays will be back on Bowes, and the Wednesday evening will start then.