Sunday 23rd Jan 2011 open/League Lookout
Conditions: – Mostly Cloudy, ambient temp 5 deg, humidity 81%, wind WNW 3 mph, barometer dropped from highest of 1042 mb to 1036.9 mb still very high, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp rose to 2.2 deg (dropped to under 1 deg on Friday after some severe frosts), ph 6.95, DO 6.9, mv 33
1st Anth Richardson 21lb 5oz all silvers peg 30
2nd Davey Catchyside 19lb 10oz all carp peg 1
3rd Norman Laing 15lb 2oz peg 32
Section 1 Richard Wildman 10lb 14oz peg 2
Section 2 Geordie Aitkin 10lb 2oz peg 24
Wed 19th Jan 2011 open Lookout
Conditions: – Fair, ambient temp 5 deg, humidity 93%, wind W 6mph, barometer very high 1033.9 mb, moon Full, water temp 2.9 deg, DO6.9, PH 7.56, mv 33
1st Alan Mc Guire 32lb 10oz (10 Carp) peg 15
2nd Ray Wallace 11lb 7oz (2 carp for 7lb 9oz) peg 31
3rd Ricky Bennett 6lb 12oz peg 29
4th Graham Skirrey 6lb 3oz peg 24
5th Ted Hudson 4lb 10oz peg 3
6th Dave Hammel 3lb 2oz peg 1
Fish are in mint condition and water has just started to colour up,
Sundays Match 16/1/2011 which was the first with us de-frosted since November

1st Peter Cairns 29lb 14oz peg 3
2nd Dave Pearson 25lb 7oz peg 29
3rd Tony Watson 25lb 6oz peg 15
4th Neil Brown 23lb 10oz peg 22 (and he was not at the derby match?)
5th B Armstrong 21lb 15oz peg 27
6th Steve Mc Court 17lb 12oz peg 24

Not bad fishing considering how long we were frozen
Angel of the North Junior Fishing Club 2011   Match Dates
Saturday April 30th Lookout
Saturday June 4th Lookout
Saturday Aug 6th Lookout
Angel Junior Challenge Match against other clubs Saturday   27th Aug Lookout
2011 Open Matches
Sundays Lookout draw 9am fishing 10.30 to 3.30pm
Wednesdays Bowes draw 9am fishing 10.30 to 3.30pm
Saturdays Bowes draw 9am fishing 10.30 to 3.30pm
De Frosted at last and fishing well considering the time we have been frozen from Nov to mid Jan, water also has some colour as bottom feeders start to feed.