Some very good catches of all species and some good sized species being caught, fish feeding up for winter and going into stunning winter colours,  baits changing  and tactics needing to be refined for colder water conditions.




Water temperature at 12.1 deg, with all fish species still feeding, Plumbing up to dead depth is essential in cooler water temperatures coupled with smaller hook sizes size 16 for double maggot, or double caster and small grains of sweetcorn, free running small cage feeder working well, fished with ground bait in feeder and maggot on hook.

Kevin Taylor Angel’s regular angler and coach had a great days fishing this week

His rod was a JW Young’s 13 ft trotter, reel JW Young Purist centre pin, Line 6lb pro gold, hook length Middy size 14 to 5lb 2oz, 5inch Peacock waggler, bait cockles, at 4ft 6in depth on peg 21.

Kevin caught Green Tench to best 5lb 4oz, Crucians to 2lb 12oz, Mirror Carp to 3lb 10oz, Skimmers, Rudd, Perch, in total a good fish to approx 75lb… 




Autumn tactics on this pond, fabulous 1lb 8oz Golden Orfe coming out to expander 3mm pellets, Carp, Crucians, tench and Ide feeding well, carp have grown considerably with an average weight of 3lb, coaching classes produced some excellent anglers.




Some great quantities and quality of carp coming out, with Saturdays match producing winning weight 87lb 03oz including a 15lb 01oz common in golden winter colours, pleasure anglers bring out some cracking carp.


November to March day ticket prices now £8.00 for the shorter days,

Match prices are £7.50 ticket plus £7.50 pools with an option of £1.00 golden peg for a 5 hour match from Oct to March.


A mini Series of 8 matches is to start anyone requiring details please call.


Saturday 14th Oct 06 Angel Open Match


Ambient temp of 16 deg, calm wind to ESE 2mph, humidity 77% partly cloudy with sunny spells, barometer 1031.2mb, moon phase last Quarter, water temp of 12.5deg, PH 7.77, DO 9.85

Was today’s setting


1st Steve Kean Shinney Row 87lb 03oz (Inc 1x 15lb 1oz Carp) peg 23 Expander


2nd   Dave Foster 48lb 05oz Langworth Lakes Peg 27 expander

3rd Dave Hudson 45lb 07 Shinney Row peg 37 expander

4th Andrew Brown 36lb 08oz peg 4

5th Liam Shilling AON JNR club 31lb 08oz peg 39 Liam is only 14 yrs old!!! Expander

6th Mark Carlin Shinney Row 31lb 02oz peg 16


Photos enclose Steve Kean with a 15lb 1oz Carp caught on 3mm expander fed over Angels Pellets, caught 2 hours into match.


Steve fished pole 7mtres out, mike Wilkinson diamond float 0.3g, 0.14m lie, B911 166 hook, 4mm expander pellet on hook, 3mm Angel feed pellets.