Angel of the North Fishing Lakes catch report and match results to1st Oct 06

Autumn Fishing is now in swing with fish biting very shy, fish are still feeding and slower catch rates with angling skills now coming to the fore. If you can catch in Autumn / Winter you will develop fantastic angling skills and technical capability which will only enhance your skills for the Spring /Summer angling seasons.

Water temperature at 15.9 deg and still some very good catches with skimmers and carp being the most prolific. Tench both green and Golden still feeding, golden orfe in excess of 1lb showing,  roach feeding well and rudd, ide and perch all feeding well, crucians to 2lb as well as best carp to 9lb 4oz, and many koi to 6lb 8oz.

Baits going into savoury flavours and sea food mussels, prawns, and cockles coming into their own, match hair rigs complimenting bait.
Water temp at 16.2 deg and still fishing tight to the margins some good carp coming out as well as well crucians, rudd, golden orfe, skimmer bream, ide, and the occasional koi.
Great little lake for bad weather very sheltered
Coaching doing excellent
Junior club coming on well with more jointing weekly (Junior club meets every Sunday afternoon and once a month a jnr match is held on Bowes lake)


Pleasure anglers especially pole and feeder are catching good quantities of carp with some excellent 5lb carp being caught.
Match fishing Saturdays being the most popular with good weights still being caught
Saturday 30th Sept Angel of North Open Match Results
Ambient Temp 17deg, clear sky, sunny,  humidity 59%, wind S 6mph, Barometer 1004.1mb, Moon phase first quarter, water temperature 15.8 deg, DO 6.94, PH 7.67 was the setting for today match

1st  Davy Foster Langwith Lakes  64lb 12oz, peg 39 on pellet
2nd  Jon Anslow AOTNFL 46lb 11oz paste
3rd Ray Laing Turners Tackle 37lb 14oz pellet & paste
4th  Dave Trevor R.O.F 30lb 03oz  maggot

Davy fished 4m out on pellet for 2 hours then 7m out for 3hours on a Garbolino power Legion 4×14 float, 3lb line, 3mm expander pellet, size 16 turbetini hook,  maver latex elastic.

Jon fished at 5.5m out with angel pellets into paste, loose fed hemp, size 14 hook, fox side liner pole, maver black ice paste float, fished dead depth maver dual core 12-20 elastic.
Junior Club match Sunday 1st Oct (2hours 50mins)
1st Anthony Longstaff (Sunderland)  29lb 12oz peg 1
2nd Lam Shillen (Sunderland) 15lb 14oz peg 2
3rd Alex Burdon (Birtley) 11lb 6oz peg 7
4th Shaun Reynolds (Consett)11lb 3oz peg 3
5th Chris Faill Dunston 6lb 9oz peg 4  
6th Mark Faill Dunston 5lb 8oz peg 6
7th Steward Husband  4lb 12oz peg 5
Previous matches not emailed (sorry been on hols)
Wed 27th Sept 06
1st Steve Kean SRAC 50lb 11oz peg 2
2nd Jon Anslow AONFL 50lb 04oz peg 4
3rd Andrew Brown 49lb 14oz peg 36
4th Les Slater SRAC 47lb 08oz peg 38
Saturday 23rd September results
1st Dave Foster Langwith Lakes York 65lb 4oz Peg 6
2nd John Foster SRAC 46lb 04oz  peg 18
3rd Ralf Naylor 44 lb peg 34
4th Mark Carlin SRAC 41lb 05oz
Sunday 21st September
1st Dave Brown Northumbria Police 76lb 15oz peg 4
2nd Andy Brown 72lb 01oz peg 6
Wed 20th September results
1st Steve Kean Shiney Row Angling Centre 79lb 02oz
2nd Dave Hudson Shiney Row Angling Centre 66lb 13oz
3rd Andrew Brown BIc Water AC 43lb 10oz
4th Alan Mc Guire 34lb 05oz