Sunday 10th September Open Match Results

Ambient Temperature of 20 deg   Slight overcast and sun showing, humidity of 56%, Wind S 6 mph,  Barometer of 1019mb, Moon phase  Waning Gibbous,

PH of 7.54, DO of 9.95, Water Temperature of 15.4 deg was the setting of todays open match.   


First Ton up Plus  !!!! 121lb 7oz  to Andy Simpson WELL DONE!!!!!!


1st Andy Simpson     Quaker Tackle   121lb .07 oz  Peg 36


2nd Johnny Maddison Shimano  Quaker  90lb 12oz   peg 4


3rd Dave Brown Northumberland Police 85lb 13oz peg 38


4th Keith Pentland DAC 62lb 08oz peg 34


5th Dave Adams  40lb 10oz peg 2


6th Jimmy Hagan 29lb 12oz peg 6


Cracking weighs and great angling Thanks a lot for our first TON UP Plus, Well Done  Andy.


Angel Lakes Catch Report to 10th   Sept  2006

Excellent water quality and water temperatures are keeping all fish feeding exceptionally well, as if they know temperatures are about to start dropping and they are in a feeding frenzied before this happens.



Lookout Lake mixed coarse


Competent anglers are catching at a fish a chuck, many even targeting specific species with great success, 

Some stunning quantities and sizes of all species coming out, Tench to 7lb 5oz,  Carp to 11lb by Liam Shilling  14 yrs old  (known as the pig),  Crucian carp coming out in good numbers to 3lb, Good sized Rudd, Roach, Perch and loads of Skimmers and good sized Bream.

Baits for the week

Kevin Taylor caught Rudd and Skimmers on Branson Baked Beans, Double caster taken Carp, Tench,  Roach, Rudd, Ide, all fish taken tight in margins and Kevin  was on Fox Kevlex Barbel Float Rod, 13 ft,  coupled with a 5inch purist mk 2 center pin, main line pro gold 6lb with a middy size 14 to 5.4 breaking strain, drennan peacock waggler, 3AA, fished at dead depth,


Bowes match & pleasure lake


First ton up Plus  at 121lb 7oz by Andy Simpson of Quaker Tackle on Sundays open Match.

With Day Matches on Wednesday Saturday and Sunday,  draw at 9am.


Pleasure anglers catching at high rates and John (stonemason) has had some stunning carp to 19lb and others with catches to 18lb.

Bassetts mixed coarse


Stunning catches coming out  and The fish are growing at huge rates, carp now being taken to 4lb, Crucians to 1lb and stunning Golden Orfe to over 1lb.


Junior Club on a Sunday Afternoon doing great with Mark Fail taking some stunning fish.

Monthly Programme

1st of month  week fishing with coaches.

2nd  week of the month is a  workshop

3rd  week of the month fishing

The last week of the month is  a junior match

Intermediate club 16 yrs old plus starting in 2 weeks time.


Coaching bookings taken for beginners, intermediate, sea and game anglers conversion working excellent

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