Wednesday 6th Sept 06

Ambient temperature of 21deg, humidity of 64%, dry, overcast, wind of W9mph, barometer of 1011.9mb, waxing gibbous moon phase, water temperature of 17.1deg, DO of 8.98, and PH of 7.36 was the setting for today’s day match.


1st Jimmy Kent 89lb 5oz peg 3

2nd Mark Carling 77lb 2oz



Saturday 2nd September 2006 Open Match Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Ambient Temperature of 16 deg, calm wind of S3mh,  Barometer reading of 1004.1mb, overcast at first then torrential persistent  rain, with a waxing moon phase, water temp 16.9, DO of 9.86,  PH 7.55 was the setting of today’s open match.


1st  Mark Carlin Shinney Row Angling 78lb 0oz peg 37

2nd  Graham Jones Darlington AC  71lb 05 oz peg 35

3rd    Ray Lang Turners Tackle 51lb 02 oz peg 3 

4th   Eddie Douglas Turners Tackle 50lb 12oz peg 1

5th  Jon Anslow AOTN 39lb 15oz peg 5

6th   Joanne Conway AOTN 26lb 04oz peg 10


Well done all and great welfare Thanks


Saturday 26th August 2006 Open Match Results Angel of the North Fishing Lakes


Ambient temperature of 19 deg, wind W 6mph, barometer of 1009.1mb, moon Waxing Crescent, Overcast with some sun, water temperature of 16.9 deg, ph7.65, DO 8.4 was the setting for today’s match.

Using mixture of poles & feeders


1st Dave Forster Langwith Lakes 78lb 07 oz peg 4

2nd Davy Trevor 62lb 05oz Peg 34

3 rd Keith West 56lb 14oz AON peg 39

4th Stevie Preece 44lb 01oz peg 36

5th  Eddie Douglas Turners Tackle 43lb-oo  peg 6

6th Colin Pine 33lb 03oz peg 2


Excellent welfare well done


Wednesday evening match 23rd August 2006

Ambient temperature of 16.5 deg, wind calm, barometer of 1008.1mb, new moon phase, together with some torrential rain then clear sky, water temputure of 22.8 deg, ph7.38, DO 6.8 was the setting for tonights match.

Using mixture of poles & feeders


1st Dave Hudson 59lb 12oz peg 2

2nd Eddie Bridon  51lb 01 peg 39

3 rd Andy Turner 46lb 13oz peg 12

4th John Foster 34lb 14 oz peg 14

5th Steve Kean 27lb 04 oz peg 15

6th Chris Owes 23lb 09oz peg 34



Saturday 19th August Open Match Results

Conditions,  ambient temperature 16.3 deg cloudy, humidity of 88% Wind, Calm ssw3 mph, Barometer 1005.1mb, Moon Phase Waning Crescent, water temperature of 16.6 deg, DO 9.9, PH 7.58, was the setting for tonight’s match.


1st Steve Kean  Shiney Row 61lb.09oz peg 39

2nd Andy Simpson Quaker Tackle  59lb 10oz peg 2

3rd John Foster Washington 56lb 07oz peg 6

4th Mark Carlin Shiney Row 38lb 04oz peg 35

5th Lee Slater Shiney Row 35lb 15oz

Well done all


Wednesday evening 16th August open match results,  ambient temperature 16 deg cloudy, humidity of 94% Wind, NWW1 mph, Barometer 1003.1mb, Moon Phase last Quarter, water temperature of 14.9 deg, DO 8.9, PH 7.98, was the setting for tonight’s match.

1st Craig Kent (Army) 44lb 02oz, peg 12

2nd Dave Hudson (Shiney Row) 40lb 02oz, peg 16

3rd Sean Mooney (Anglers World) 37lb 08oz peg 25

4th Steve Kean (Shiney Row) 35lb 14oz peg 27

5th Mark Carlin (Shiney Row) 35lb 10oz peg 7

6th Terry Wood (Reel Sport)  33lb 09oz peg 39


Great fish welfare thanks all.


Saturday 12th August match Results, conditions Partly Cloudy, ambient temp of 16deg, Humidity of 82%, wind N13mph, Barometer of 1018+mb, Moon phase Waning Gibbous, DO 9.85   PH 7.79 water temperature of     14.2deg    was the setting for today’s match


1st Craig Kent (Army) 69lb.02oz

2nd Mark Carlin (Shiney Row) 57lb 12oz

3rd Keith West (AON) 54lb 03oz

Good welfare Thanks Lads


Wednesday Evening match Aug 9th 2006 Ambient temp of 16 deg,  humidity of 82%,  wind of Westerly at 7 mph, barometer reading of 1014.9 mb with a with full moon,  water temp of  17.4 deg,  DO of 8.7,  Ph 7.68 was tonight’s setting for the match


1st Andy Simpson Quaker Tackle 58lb 03oz peg 24

2nd Johnny Maddison Shimano Quaker 46lb 03 peg 33

3rd Chris Owers Langley Park 42lb 08oz peg 18

4th Terry Wood Reel Sport 34lb 13oz Peg 34lb 13oz

5th Dave Hudson Shiney Row 31lb 12oz

6th L Slater 31lb 08oz peg 1

Great welfare Thanks Lads


Saturday 5th August Match Results Ambient temperature of 24 deg, Still wind conditions, humidity of 61% barometer reading of 1020mb, waxing gibbous moon phase, cloudy with a water temperature of 19.2 deg, DO 8.9 and PH of 7.73  almost perfect fishing conditions and a great result for

1st Steven Preece of 94lb 13oz a new record,  peg 1

2nd John Maynell  82lb 12oz  peg 3


Great weights and great  fish welfare thanks


Wednesday 2nd August evening match

Sunset at 9.07pm  Moon phase first quarter,  humidity 94%, Rain gusting & intermittent, Wind NNW 21mph gusting to 30 mph, barometer 1005.1 + MB, Ambient temperature of 13 deg, Water temperature  of 17.4 deg , DO 6.5 mg litre, PH 7.74,  was the setting for tonight’s match. Not the best fishing conditions.


1st John Marsdon 44lb 08oz on peg 38

2nd  Steve Kean 35lb 08oz on peg 3

3rd Graham Jones 35lb 05oz on peg 2

4th Andy Dargue 30lb 15oz  on peg 17

5th Terry Wood 26lb 03oz on peg 5

6th Ralph Nayler 21lb 10oz on peg 24


Saturday 29th July 2006 Angel of the North Fishing Lakes Match Report 10am to 3pm

On a partly cloudy day with an ambient temperature of 22 deg, a E wind of 2mph changing to 6mph SE and 7 mph ESE, humidity of 88% and a barometer reading of 1011.9 dropping to 1000, a waxin moon phase, together with a water temperature of 24.3 deg, a PH reading of 7.63 and DO levels of 9.44mg/lt, was the setting for today’s match on Bowes Carp Lake.

1st Graham Jones of Darlington AC 86lb 13oz on peg 35

2nd Keith West  AON 70lb 02  peg 37

3rd Mark Carlin Shiney Row 67lb 06oz peg 10

4th Alan Mc Guire 64lb 12oz  peg 1

5th John Maynell 62lb 01oz   peg 3

6th Chris Abbott  47lb 02oz peg 12


A still, hot,  sunny humid night,  barometer reading of 1020, DO at 8.9, PH 7.62 and water temperature of 25.6 deg and a new moon was the setting for Wednesday 26th July evening Match  at Angel of the North Fishing Lakes with the largest turnout of competitors so far.

1st Andy Darge Shimano Quaker with 46lb 04 oz on peg 17

2nd John Foster 43lb 12oz on peg 2

3rd Dave Hudson Turners Tackle 43lb 10oz peg 38

4th Peter Smith Dick Clegg Metro 38lb 05 oz peg 16

5th Graham Jones 37lb 09 oz peg 15

6th Chris Owens 35lb 10oz


Saturday 22nd July ambient weather temp from 27 to 23 deg varying and water temp of 25.2 deg started in clear sunny still conditions then a 5mph SE wind and some mist came and wind dropping to 2 mph and changed to ESE  

Excellent result of 90lb 5 oz breaking match record

1st Mark Carlin of Shiney Row Angling 05 oz new match record peg 38

2nd  Ben Huggins 33lb 05  peg 40

3rd Joint   Steve Kean Shiney Row Angling peg 34  and Keith West on peg 27 both with 30lb 4 oz

4th Chris Abbott 25lb 12oz on peg 25

5th Dave Hurson Shiney Row Angling 25lb 4 oz on peg 32

6th Colin Pine Washington & Harrington 22lb 11 oz on peg 36


Sunny conditions, blue sky, and a ESE wind of 9 mph with a water temp of 26.2 deg was the conditions for Wed 19th July Eve match

1st Eddie Bridon Shimano Quaker 63lb 11oz peg 2
2nd Steve Keane Shiney Row Angling Centre 55lb 6oz peg 38
3rd Graham Jones Darlington Angling Centre 53lb 1 oz peg 24
4th Andy Dargue Shimano Quaker 52lb 8oz peg 35
5th Neil Cowan Shimano Quaker 49lb 3oz peg 25
6th Chris Owers Langley Park 45lb 1 oz peg 7

Saturday 15th July Match Results
Water Temperature 23 deg hot sunny, blue sky 1 oz separated 1st & 2nd

1st John Foster Peg 1 63lb 1 oz
2nd Lee Slater peg 5 63lb
3rd Martin Robson peg 37 51lb 1 oz
4th Kim Christie peg 3 48lb
5th Neil Cowan peg 5 42lb 15oz
6th Chris Abbott on peg 35


Wednesday Evening Open 12th July 2006

A 3 hour evening match produced a total of 730 lb between 18 anglers at the prolific Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

 1st  place was Eddie Brydon of Shimano Quaker with 80lb a new match record for the Wed’,    pens peg 39

 2nd place was Martin Robson of Shimano Quaker with 71lb 5 oz  peg 1

 3rd place David Hudson with 52lb 10oz Shiney Row Angling Centre peg 32

 4th place Lewis Macintosh of Shimano Quaker with 51lb 7 oz peg 24

 5th was  Chris Owers  at 50lb peg 36

 6th was Steve Kean with 49lb  peg 10

  Wednesday 5th. July Open

1st.                E. Douglas        (Turners  Tackle)                                    38lb-3oz

2nd..              N. Middlemiss        (Shiney Row  Angling)                    33lb-15oz

3rd.                S. Kean        (Shiney Row  Angling)                            33lb-10oz

4th.                 M. Carling        (Shiney Row  Angling)                        33lb-10oz

5th.                 N. Cowan        (Shimano  Quaker)                               25lb-6oz


Wednesday Eve 28th June Open


1st Dave Hudson on Peg 35 with 42.8lbs

 2nd Neil Cowan on peg 33 with 42.8 lbs

3rd Steve Kean on peg 1 with 42.2lb

4th Chris Owens on peg 25 with 40lb

5th Craig Kent on peg 7 with 35.2lb

6th Alfie Snowden on peg 18 with 32.10lb