The Angling Trust is delighted to welcome two new members of staff to the Marketing and Campaigns teams. James Champkin has joined the Trust as Campaigns Officer while Ed Noyes takes on the role of Marketing & Communications Officer.

Both passionate anglers, James’ responsibilities will be helping to bring about positive outcomes on a number of campaign issues including protection of marine fisheries, reversal of decline in salmon stocks and restoration of natural flow on more rivers. The post is part-funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

James said: “I feel exceptionally honored to be stepping into the exciting new position of Campaigns Officer for the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

“I’ve been passionate about angling and the aquatic world since I was a young boy and first went fishing with my father; leaning precariously over a bridge across the upper River Lea, lowering tiny balls of compressed bread wrapped around size 22 hooks to catch minnows from the crystal clear waters below.

“From those humble beginnings I progressively developed an interest in targeting specimen-sized fish, an interest that quickly matured into obsession, and during the last few years my angling has taken me all across Britain in a search for outsized fish of many species, enjoying some fantastic adventures with good friends and a little success along the way. In recent seasons I’ve landed bream over 17lbs, crucian carp over 4lbs and grayling to 3lbs, among a variety of other captures, and I look forward to many more.”

After graduating in 2015 from the University of St Andrews with first-class honors in biology, James secured a fully-funded internship with the Fisheries Society of the British Isles.

He added: “This internship was based around assessing the response of fishes to river rehabilitation work (re-meandering and flood plain reconnection) in a small Norfolk chalk stream, and really motivated me to work towards conserving and restoring aquatic habitats in the UK.”

Ed’s key responsibility is to assist in promoting the work of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal and encourage more people to get involved and support initiatives by becoming members.

Ed said: “I am excited to have joined the Angling Trust and be part of the fantastic work being done for fishing and fish. From angler participation and access to protecting fish stocks and habitats through campaigns – the Angling Trust and Fish Legal have it covered.

“I’ve always fished since a very young age, starting off coarse fishing then moving on to fly fishing for anything that has fins! Outside of work, you’ll catch me fly fishing for trout, grayling, pike and carp, or messing about with fishing gear and fly casting – I’m a self-confessed tackle nut!

“I really enjoy introducing new people to fly fishing as a coach in my spare time and like to be pro-active in making this branch of the sport accessible to everyone.”

Ed added: “Through fishing I developed a big interest in fisheries and wildlife and I’m passionate about their conservation, something that led to me following a career in this area. Prior to joining the Angling Trust, I’ve worked extensively throughout the UK in freshwater ecology, fisheries and wildlife management, also gaining a diploma in fisheries management and a degree in conservation ecology along the way.”

David Brookes, Head of Marketing & Communications, said: “I feel really lucky to have two talented, enthusiastic and passionate new members of staff, and look forward to working with them on the many projects and campaigns that benefit anglers and angling.”