Author: Purnell

Packington Somers Match Results 26th May 2024

MATCH RESULTS PACKINGTON STARLETS VETS (LITTLE GEARYS/SIBLINGS/WILLOW ) 1/Dave Hipkiss (Ridgemere AC) 73-15 peg 13 little gearys, carp and f1s on pole and pellet 2/Keith Manners (Packington) 63-12 3/Pete Brown (Maypole) 60-12 4/Ray Hassam (Packington) 53-14 SOLIHULL ANGLING CENTRE OPEN (GEARYS) 1/Nick Jukes (Smithys) 134-3 peg 23 carp on bomb and pellet 2/ Baz Byrd […]

Packington Somers Match Fishing Results 12th May 2024

MATCH RESULTS BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY OPEN (GEARYS) 1/Baz Byrd (Casemore baits)195-10 peg 36:carp on pole and pellet 2/Warren Jennings (Packington)162-10 3/Philip Canning (Nufish) 144-7 4/Carl Barnfield (Packington)138-12 STARLETS VETS (LT GEARYS/ANNIE’S) 1/Pete Heaven (Greyhound AC) 104-8 peg 7 little gearys ,carp on waggler and pellet 2/ Chris Phillips (Packington) 81-13 3/Pete Barley (white Hart) 68-14 […]

Packington Somers Match Fishing Report 21st April 2024

MATCH RESULTS STARLETS VETS(MOLANDS/SIBS B/WILLOW) 1/John Rafferty (Warwick) 73-14 peg 50 MOLANDS carp and f1s on method feeder 2/Terry Philips (Attleborough AC)68-1 3/John Batey (Packington)40-4 4/Burt Mcgann (Packington) 37-6 SOLIHULL ANGLING CENTRE OPEN (LITTLE GEARYS ) 1/Mark Stibbs (Ridgemere AC) 110-2 peg 1 f1s on pole and pellet 2/Nick Jukes (Smithys) 90-5 3/Mark Sumners (Packington) […]

Packington Somers Match Fishing Results 7th April 2024

STARLETS VETS (MOLANDS/WILLOW SIBS A) 1/Bob Hastings (Packington) 52-3 peg 45 Molands ,carp and f1s on bomb and pellet 2/Roy Beasley (Packington) 49-3 3/Keith Deaner ( Smithys) 47-14 4/Stuart Price (Packington) 42-3 SOLIHULL ANGLING CENTRE OPEN (MOLANDS) 1/Steve Bellion (Packington) 123-0 peg 48 F1s on pole and meat 2/Lee Myers (Packington) 96-5 3/Mark Sumners ( […]