Boulmer is a picturesque Northumberland fishing village located halfway between Alnmouth and Craster. Summer sport here for flounder, school bass and codling can be very exciting. Perhaps this area is better known as a shipping forecast location mentioned every evening alongside Comarty, Forth and Tyne.

The rocky skeers exposed over the low water period are typical of the Northumberland coastline. They are made up of flat rock ledges fringed by acres of impenetrable weed beds, stretching out as far as the eye can see. These marks are capable of producing huge catches of cod and coalfish in the winter, plus ballan wrasse and pollack in the summer. Fresh peeler crab, and lots of it, is all you need to tempt codling out of their hidey-holes in the weed beds. During the winter, when shore crabs are scarce, various cocktails made up of lugworm, mussel, razorfish and frozen peeler crab are used to good effect.

Seaton Point
The beach and rock edges at Seaton Point are among the most productive cod marks in the northeast of England. The southern edge of the rocky skeers offers anglers a degree of protection when northerly gales are blowing, making many other spots unfishable. It’s at such times that these marks come into their own and some remarkable cod catches are possible, with fish well into double figures. The most successful baits are black lugworm in a cocktail with frozen crab or razorfish. In autumn, following the first few storms, loose weed is problematic but by the turn of the year the beach is back to tiptop condition.

South Reins
The rock edges at the southern end of Boulmer Haven can produce some outstanding catches of codling, especially during big spring tides when the full extent of the shoreline is exposed. The hotspots are the first and second gullies, which are very deep. They often have good numbers of resident cod browsing in among the kelp beds. These marks are the last to show as the tide ebbs and the first to become submerged when the water floods back in, so great care needs to be exercised when fishing here. Do not take risks! The top bait without doubt is peeler crab, be it fresh or frozen. This year’s Amble Open was won from this area.

Boulmer Haven
Boulmer Haven is a wide stretch of sandy beach sheltered on the seaward side by high, rocky skeers and thus protected from all but the most severe weather. The haven is perhaps better remembered as the subject of the famous court case, which ended in the House of Lords, when anglers had their rights to collect bait confirmed under the ruling of the Magna Carta.
The beach is regarded mainly as a high-tide fishing spot, with flounder the main quarry. During the winter, when seas are very rough, evening high-tide sessions can produce some excellent catches of cod. As you would expect, the natural proliferation of lugworm makes it the favourite bait, which is often tipped off with razorfish, peeler crab or mackerel strip.

The Torrs
Directly in front of the Boulmer RNLI Station are a series high, rocky skeers known locally as Torrs Rocks. The deep gullies fronting these skeers provide anglers with the ideal cod venue, where a cast of 50 yards is all that is required to put your bait into the catching zone. In the height of summer, catches will consist of red weed-coloured codling, ballan wrasse and the occasional pollack. The key to catching your share of fish is to use big helpings of fresh peeler crab or jelly softies. During the autumn and winter, as heavy seas buffet the shoreline, cod to double figures are possible. At this time of year lugworm and frozen peeler crab are the best baits used as cocktails, with mussel, razorfish or clam.

Boulmer Steel
The Steel is composed of a series of flat, rocky platforms fringed with dense weed beds stretching out to sea for some distance. The rock edges offer the angler a wide choice of marks, with red weedy-coloured cod the main quarry. In the winter, when northerly gales have whipped the seas up into a frenzy, these marks are partially sheltered and produce some amazing bags of fish. The top baits include lugworm or white ragworm used in conjunction with mussel, frozen peeler crab or razorfish.

Red End Rocks
On a big spring tide the Red End Rocks run out for miles, so great care should be taken when fishing this area. The best advice is to always consult the local tide tables. Start moving back to shore shortly after low water, as soon as the tide begins to flood. On a warm summer evening pick a big tide when the sea is flat calm and go well prepared with a bucketful of fresh peeler crab. Cast into the deep gullies as the ebb tide slowly falls away, revealing the tops of the kelp stalks, and stand by for action! The cod and wrasse bites can be unbelievably strong and will drag your rod into the sea if you leave it unattended.

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TSF Top Tip 1
A crab and squid wrap is the perfect cocktail for summer codling and big flounder.

TSF Top Tip 2
Tipping off baits with razorfish can pay dividends, especially after a storm.

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